How to Improve your Symptoms of Dehydration from Electrolyte Imbalance

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on May 25 2022

Is your water putting in the work to hydrate you? Or do you only THINK that it is?

We often believe that drinking water is enough to combat dehydration, but the truth is, we also need to consider our individual electrolyte balance.

Keeping the correct balance of fluids to electrolytes in our bodies is critical for adequate hydration.


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But what exactly are electrolytes and how do the amounts of these electrolytes affect your level of hydration? 

Keep reading to find out.

What is an Electrolyte Imbalance?

Lemons and limes on table with honey and salt for electrolytes

An electrolyte imbalance is a condition that may develop when the body has too little (dehydrated) or too much water. But what are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are naturally occurring chemicals found in human body fluid. They include magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphate, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate. 

Just as the name suggests, electrolytes possess electrical charges.

And these chemicals must be present in the right concentrations, for the body to work normally. The body balances electrolytes by shifting sodium levels in the kidneys. But sometimes the levels of electrolytes in the body may go too high or too low.

This condition is referred to as an electrolyte imbalance.
Here is what you should know about dehydration from electrolyte imbalance.

What Does it Mean to be Dehydrated?

Woman drinking water out of a glass cup

Dehydration happens when the loss of fluids in the body is higher than the intake, a scenario that affects how human processes function.

The condition can happen to anyone, with extreme cases occurring in children.  Severe vomiting and diarrhea is especially known for causing dehydration in kids.

While the latter factors can also cause dehydration in adults, electrolyte imbalance plays a significant role for the condition. Other causes of dehydration include but are not limited to:

• Too much sweating
• Peeing too much
• Over-consumption of alcohol
• Staying in the sun for too long
• Fever
• Diabetes


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Dehydration Symptoms to Look for

Woman in gray sweater and black turtleneck with red fingernails holding forehead because of headache from dehydration

Signs of dehydration in adults and children are almost similar. Below are some symptoms of dehydration in adults.

• Discharging little pee
• Peeing few times in a day (below 4 times)
• Thirst
• Discharging strong-smelling urine that is dark yellow
• Dry lips, eyes, and mouth
• Feeling lightheaded
• Experiencing exhaustion


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What Role Do Electrolytes Play in Hydration?

32 ounce wide mouth glass mason jar with fruit infused spa water for electrolyte balance

When electrolytes dissolve in water present in your body, they conduct electricity. The process helps in controlling several metabolic processes in our bodies.

Some of the functions of electrolytes include:

• Hydrating the body
• Balancing and maintaining blood pressure and acidity
• Controlling muscle and nerve function
• Assisting in repairing damaged tissues

Remember, electrolytes prevent dehydration by maintaining a stable fluid balance. These chemical compounds especially magnesium, move in and out of the cells allowing the flow of fluids.

But where do these electrolytes come from in our bodies? Electrolytes are derived from the food and fluids we consume. 


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A common and effective trend that is catching on, is the use of supplements. These products are a superior source of electrolytes as they are quickly absorbed by the body.

Note that electrolytes can also be replenished topically. Some skin and hair products contain electrolytes and maintain the balance of these chemicals when applied, such as our Magnesium Chloride USP that is high in absorbable magnesium which is a key electrolyte for hydration.

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