Can Epsom Salt Soften Your Water?

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on January 12 2022

Epsom salt has a variety of uses around the home including relief of pain and discomfort and stress reduction, but did you know that you can use Epsom salt to clean unsightly hard water stains and even as a hard water softener to adjust the pH of your water. One of the most effective hard water softeners is Epsom salt.

The Difference Between Soft and Hard Water

Water spelled as h2o

In simple terms, the difference between soft and hard water is the chemicals contained within it.

Hard water has things such as calcium and magnesium in it whereas soft water is free from these minerals.

This results in hard water having a higher pH and soft water a noticeably lower pH. Both kinds of water are safe to consume and to use around the home.

Do They Have Different Effects on Health?

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Hard water has been noted to have some minor effects on the human body. For example, washing in the shower with hard water can remove the oils from your hair and skin.

Certain skin conditions have been observed to worsen following prolonged contact with hard water.

Conversely, as soft water is free from the minerals present in hard water, it's far less likely to aggravate your hair or skin.

Is One Kind of Water Better Than the Other?

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As mentioned, both kinds of water of safe to consume and for usage around the home.

However, soft water is widely regarded to be better due to the lack of mineral residue that it leaves behind in your home and on your body.

A simple hard water treatment with Epsom salt can help you avoid this.

Does Epsom Salt Really Clean Hard Water Stains?

In short, yes. Epsom salt works best with baking soda and water and can remove even the most stubborn of hard water stains from your bathroom.

Whether it's your faucet, shower, or toilet that's stained, an Epsom salt solution can help get them looking as good as new.

How to Use Epsom Salt to Soften Water

Shower head with water coming out of it

An Epsom salt bath can feel noticeably different to your normal bath and is something that really has to be experienced to be believed.

Simply one or two cups of Epsom salt into your bathtub can help you to feel the benefit. If you're looking to soften smaller amounts of water, try one cup of Epsom salt for every gallon of hard water.

Following this formula will help you to soften your water in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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    Voodoo chemistry here. Epsom salts are primarily magnesium sulfate. They make your skin feel soft, but they ARE hard water minerals.

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