Amir tajer president About Me:

I am originally from Iran and moved to the US as a teenager to pursue higher education. After graduating college, I decided to start my own business hoping to build a better world to live in. When I'm not working, I'm usually hiking/camping with my dog, Khosro Khan, who's also Greenway's CCO .


Why He Loves Greenway:

My favorite part of my job is the amazing people I work with and encouraging messages we get from our customers that show us we are on the right path.

 Makenzi Logan Product Development Lead

Name: Makenzi Logan

Title: Product Development Lead

About Me:

Born and raised in Southern California. My passions include cooking, gardening and art. In my free time I love to go to concerts, read fiction and spend time with my dog.

Why She Loves Greenway:

I enjoy being part of a company that aims to help people. I love that Greenway truly cares about both their employees and the community. Working for a small business has allotted me many opportunities and connections that I do not think  I would have found elsewhere. It is nice to represent a company with morals and values that you can stand by.

 Khosro Khan black russian terrier at beach


About Me:

I'm a Black Russian Terrier who moved from Oregon to California after Amir adopted me. I became Greenway's CCO at 8 weeks old - such a milestone! When I'm not hard at work (napping) in the office, I'm usually hiking or at the beach with my human.

Why He Loves Greenway:

Sweaters. Bacon. Pets. Need I say more?