Here’s How To Easily Stop Bloating With Epsom Salt

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on January 11 2019

Turkey, sugar cookies and peppermint sweets slowly make their way out of our kitchens as another holiday season comes to an end.

And while that time of year often brings plenty of delightful treats to munch on, the post-holiday season sadly offers feelings of digestive discomfort from overindulging in those same irresistible goodies.

A common sign that your body is less than happy with your holiday feasting habits, is bloat. This ranges from a bloated stomach to a puffy face.

The good news is it’s just as easy to get rid of bloat as it is to become bloated and we'll tell you how to do it with one of our popular personal care itemsEpsom Salt.

What is Bloating?

Epsom Salt Home Remedy to Stop Bloating

Before we get into the remedy, we must first understand exactly what bloating is.

Bloating happens when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with gas.

This condition is often accompanied by excessive gas (flatulence), pain, frequent burping or belching, and abdominal rumbling or gurgles.

Bloating can interfere with your ability to work or take part in recreational activities.

Interestingly, a study by the University of North Carolina, states that people who do experience abdominal bloating use more sick days and take more medications than others. 

It's also important to note that bloating is not age specific and affects both adults and children.

What Causes Bloating?

What Causes Bloating

Undigested foods in your stomach take most of the blame for incidences of bloating, but partially digested food can also contribute to this.

You are likely to experience bloating when you eat and drink without taking a break.

Bloating is also a result of excess water retention within the body, but water retention is hardly inevitable even with a strict diet and regular exercises.

Can Multiple Parts of Your Body be Affected by Bloating? What are the Symptoms?

Since bloating is associated with the gastrointestinal tract, it mostly affects the stomach.

Other parts of your body are hardly affected, although experiencing a puffier looking face after snacking on salty foods or consuming alcohol (especially beneath the eyes) is nothing out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, passing a lot of gas is a clear indicator of a bloated belly. You are also likely to experience some level of digestive discomfort.

Some individuals have to make do with abdominal pain before they find relief.

How Does an Epsom Salt Bath Help Ease Bloating? Does it Work Immediately?

Benefits of an Epsom Salt Bath

Natural remedies for different health conditions have proved their worth in offering relief and Epsom salt is no exception.

The salt effectively drains your body of excess water which carries toxins along with it.

Much of this water is stored beneath the surface layer of our skin and is removed by a process called reverse osmosis along with sweating. 

Sweating happens during this type of bath from the sauna-like experience of the warm water, which rids even more toxins from the body! 

Pretty neat, right? The healing properties of salt have been around for quite a while now with the first application having occurred back in the 17th Century.

Once you are done with your Epsom Salt bath, your bloat should be over with too.

How Do You Prepare an Epsom Salt Bath?

How to Prepare an Epsom Salt Bath

Two cups of Epsom salt in your warm bathwater should be enough. For optimal results, you’ll want to soak in this solution for no less than 20 minutes.

The great thing is you don't have to bathe in Epsom salt daily. You could skip a couple of days and still receive the healing power of an Epsom salt bath.

Warm water has been found to offer better results, but if you prefer cold baths, the Epsom salt will still be effective.

Before getting into the bath, use a body brush to enhance the healing properties of the salt.

Dry brushing will open your pores and stimulate the skin to provide optimal results for absorption.

And if you don't have the luxury of a bath, an Epsom salt foot bath should suffice.

Place an appropriate amount of Epsom salt in a bucket full of water and soak your feet for 20 minutes to enjoy the relaxing and healthy effects of the salt.

Ensure that you are properly hydrated before taking a salt bath to avoid any detox symptoms.

How to Use Epsom Salt for Bloating

You can beat the bloat with a simple 20-minute soak in our Epsom salt. And because our Epsom salt dissolves easily in the water, your bath will not have a gritty texture, unlike other Epsom salts that are available.

The post-holiday season is the perfect time to make use of our pocket-friendly product sourced straight from the Dead Sea in Israel – ensuring a high-quality and pure Epsom salt that guarantees holistic health for all. 


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