Is Organic Fertilizer Helpful for Your Garden?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on December 12 2022

The world's largest rainforest owes its survival to annual salmon runs when salmon swim upriver to spawn.

Animals, like bears and foxes, carry salmon carcasses into the forest and leave some remains; they inadvertently nourish the forest with a simple yet effective form of organic fertilizer.

As humans and probably gardening lovers, we want to nourish our plants with nothing but the best, which is why organic fertilizers are a popular recommendation for all your plant nutrition needs.

What Are Organic Fertilizers?

Hand holding organic meal fertilizer

By definition, organic fertilizer is made up of all-natural products.

Organic fertilizers are added to the soil for the benefit of plant life growing around.

Plants that get regular organic fertilizer applied will get the required nutrients for growth and consequently sustain growth.

A typical organic fertilizer contains a form of animal waste which may include meat processing waste, slurry, crushed bone, feathers, and manure.


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Plant-based products can also make a valuable additive to organic fertilizers such as compost and biosolids.

How Organic Fertilizers Benefit Your Soil

1. They Are Cost Effective

Woman putting banana peels in compost bin for homemade organic fertilizer

    We all love a cost-effective product, especially in the tough economy we are currently in.

    Because making organic fertilizers doesn't always require a technical approach, they are easy to prepare in any backyard if you at least have farm animals and/or plant waste from your kitchen.

    The only downside to this is you need space, time, and a lot of energy to make quality organic fertilizer, but if you don't, we got you covered with our selection of organic fertilizers like:


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    2. Easy to Apply

    Hand applying organic fertilizer to plant in home garden

    It is easy to use organic fertilizer, especially when you don't have to worry about heavy metals affecting your grazers, for those who have cattle and farmland.

    It is also almost impossible to overfeed your crops on organic fertilizer, so even if you overdo it, your plants will be safe from harm.


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    3. They Are Great for the Environment

    Hand wearing blue glove holding soil with earthworms

      Organic fertilizer is much gentler on the soil and the environment compared to chemical fertilizers.

      One such organic fertilizer is our Organic Feather Meal Fertilizer which is geared toward preserving the environment.

      It is a unique micronutrient blend that guarantees a better harvest.


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      This fertilizer is mindfully manufactured to be as eco-friendly as possible.

      It is ideal for fruits, vegetables, and flowers and is an excellent source of organic nitrogen.

      Are you looking for an effective and cost-efficient organic fertilizer?

      Look no further than our Organic Feather Meal Fertilizer.

      4. Offers Nutrients Over a Long Period of Time

      Leafy green plants in raised garden beds

        When you do apply organic fertilizer like Organic Kelp Meal Fertilizer, it doesn't wear out in just a few weeks.

        This is because organic fertilizers, meals especially, are slow-release.


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        This means that the soil breaks down the fertilizer naturally over time, typically in the span of 2 to 3 months providing a gradual discharge of nutrients.

        This differs from a one-time immediate delivery of nutrients over a typical two week period like in the case of fast-release fertilizers.

        Our organic fertilizers are the best in the market.

        You can expect the soil to stay nourished for longer as the organic fertilizer breaks down at different intervals.


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        It Keeps Everyone Safe

        Little boy picking tomatoes in a garden with his grandpa

        Everyone in your farm or garden interacts with the fertilizer you apply in more ways than one, even when you don't notice.

        The last thing you want is someone to develop health issues from interacting with any fertilizers filled with an abundance of harmful chemicals.

        Organic fertilizers keep the soil and water sources whether on the farm or your home garden, safe for animal and human consumption.

        Final Thoughts

        Each year, forest animals nourish their grounds the way nature intended.

        Why not follow their example and get high quality organic fertilizers from us for lush plants that produce exponential yields and maintain soil integrity?

        Choose from our wide variety of organic fertilizers designed to nourish your plants, improve soil structure, and protect the environment.

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        You can never go wrong when you grow with Greenway!



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