Feather Meal Fertilizer 12-0-0

$ 10.99

Product Features:

  • Ideal for Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, and other types of Plants
  • Great Source for Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Excellent Source of Nitrogen for Compost
  • Repackaged from Organic Feather Meal (Only 40-Pound Bag is Registered as Organic)


Application Rate:

Light Application: 7 Pounds per 1000 SQ.FT. or 1/4 cup per plant.

Normal Application: 12 Pounds per 1000 SQ.FT. or 1/3 cup per plant.

Heavy Application: 25 Pounds per 1000 SQ.FT. or 1/2 cup per plant.



Frequently Asked questions:

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