Organic Kelp Meal Fertilizer 2-0-4

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Picking an organic fertilizer to use for your plants can be challenging at times, especially when you are not sure what to look for. Fertilizers have different compositions suited for particular plant functions and soil types.

It is essential to do your due diligence on the different varieties of fertilizer available in the market so you'll know what will improve your plant's yields at the end of the season.

One type of fertilizer whose composition is both favorable to plant growth, results in bumper harvests and is also beneficial to the soil is organic Kelp Meal Fertilizer 2-0-4.

Environmental Concerns

Farmers and gardeners alike are particularly interested in organic fertilizer that does not harm the environment. Some fertilizers have harmful metals that, when released to the environment, can harm plants, animals, and even humans. Organic fertilizer is a safe, eco-friendly option for plant enthusiasts that ensures healthy plants with bountiful bumper yields.

Kelp Meal Fertilizer 2-0-4 is the ultimate choice of organic fertilizer - owing to its vast popularity and use. The fertilizer is a favorite to many as it has been proven to bear results.

Outstanding Product Benefits

Kelp Meal Fertilizer is composed of some incredible features favorable to plant health and growth while helping conserve and maintain the correct soil standards.

Below is a highlight of the features of Kelp Meal Fertilizer 2-0-4:

  • The appropriate and right micronutrients and elements composition. Kelp Meal Fertilizer 2-0-4 is a composition of 2% Nitrogen and 4% Potassium. Non-GMO products have the natural and original plants and crops taste and all the health benefits. Potassium composed fertilizer is right for the plant and crop growth, as they are the required micronutrients for healthy plant growth and proper yields.

  • Kelp Meal stimulates root development, boosts plant growth, and prevents fungus growth. Healthy, disease-free plants grow stronger, and the result is quality and bumper yields during harvesting season.

  • The fertilizer composition is essential and beneficial to the plant, as it helps release locked up minerals in the soil such as Calcium and Magnesium that would otherwise not be accessible to the plants. The released minerals are vital for wholesome plant development, health and growth.

  • The fertilizer also prevents the plants from going into shock by extreme temperature fluctuations. Plants exposed to extreme and fluctuating temperatures might end up not developing correctly, resulting in stunted growth, wilting, and even death. The ability to prevent the plants from going into shock is critical in the general plant health and growth.

The above product features are crafted to provide the crops with essential required minerals and micronutrients, help the plants withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and also beneficial to the soil for the bumper harvest at the end of the season.

If you have been looking for a fertilizer that has the right composition and will benefit both the plants and the soil, then consider buying Kelp Meal Fertilizer 2-0-4. 

Application Rate

Vegetable & Fruit: Mix ¼ cup per sq.ft. of bed or 1-2 pounds per 100 sq.ft.

Potted Plants: Mix 1 tablespoon into soil per gallon of soil.


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