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This bundle of concentrated hydroponics fertilizers includes the best hydroponic fertilizers for both beginners and advanced hydroponics growers from growth to blooming stages.

  • Used in hydroponics, it have the ability to higher yields than other soil-produced hydroponic plants
  • It enhances desired quality since your crops are less prone to crop diseases
  • It helps eliminate the massive use of pesticides
  • environmental friendly thus cannot affect the soil, air or water negatively since it is heavy metal free

With a formula that allows you to control and make adjustments to some elements level such as calcium and nitrogen.

It is the best hydroponic- based nutrient system with many unique ingredients for consistent performance.

With this, your plants are guaranteed of balanced macro and micro-nutrients, primary and secondary nutrients too.

Some Elements Contained in These Hydroponics Formulas:

Plants require different nutrients for the various growth stages. Hydroponic plants require three main elements for good flower and fruit development.

Phosphorus: It is the largest component of bud and bloom fertilizers. This is because it plays a significant role in stimulating bud development, flowering, and seed formation. It helps to increase the speed of plants maturity, and it is also crucial for respiration and photosynthesis.

Nitrogen: This is the element associated with amino acid also known as the building block of life. It is responsible for stronger and greener growth which in turn enhances healthy stems and leaves thus promoting seed and fruit production. It is also necessary for nutrients uptake.

Potassium: Enhances drought tolerance and improved plant texture. It is also responsible for increasing the plant's resistance to diseases, photosynthesis and the color of the fruit.

Calcium and Magnesium: They are necessary for the prevention of blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers, as well as the reduction of tip burn in lettuce. When used in combination with other nutrients Cal Mag Plus functions as a catalyst to increase the uptake of essential minerals. 


  • Easy to Use - All formulas come in a dry concentrated form. It is, therefore, easy to use as the only thing required is for you to dissolve it in filtered water in the amount as indicated in the manual and you are ready to go.
  • Saves Money - Due to its solid state, it is easy to transport since it can be shipped in bulk. This saves on transportation cost, and in return, the buying price is low which if an added benefit for the buyers.
  • No Heavy Metals - It does not contain any heavy metals (way below the allowable amount by CDFA) and instead, has all the required nutrients for a healthy blooming
  • Reliable and Trusted Formula - It has undergone significant improvements for over 20 years, thus ensuring the best results and your satisfaction.


This Hydroponic Bundle Includes: 

1.7 Pounds of Grow Green 4-2-6 to Make 1 Gallon

1.8 Pounds of Blossom Green 2-6-8 to Make 1 Gallon

1.5 Pounds of Micro Green 2-0-3 to Make 1 Gallon

2.5 Pounds of Cal Mag Plus 2-0-0 to Make 1 Gallon


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Hydroponics Bundle