Nitroform Fertilizer 39-0-0

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To get the best from your plants, you must invest in them. Choosing the best fertilizer for them is the first step you should take.

Get the type of fertilizer that will boost your plants in all kinds of ways be it in strengthening the roots, preventing wither and maximizing harvests.

It is, therefore, a wise thing to understand the content of your fertilizer before application.

Nitroform 39-0-0 is a non-burning fertilizer of slow release nitrogen that is produced by a combination of formaldehyde and urea under standard manufacturing conditions. The nitrogen is released from the soil micro-organisms.

It is available throughout the plant growth cycles when the organisms are more active. The fertilizer contains 73% nitrogen as slow release.

You can get the nitrogen fertilizer in a mini-size. It is made of uniform, dust-free particles that blend well even with the other forms of fertilizer.

Product Features:

  • Dependable, long-lasting, and slow release nitrogen (3-4 months) for balanced feeding throughout the growing season.
  • Unique mode of release for strong, rapid root development, and increased growth of beneficial soil micro-organisms.
  • Reduced thatch development in turf applications and less risk of leaching.
  • Safe, non-burning, low-salt form of nitrogen fertilizer.


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Nitroform 39-0-0

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