Strawberry Fertilizer 8-12-32 FAQ

1. Besides controlling the ph would I need to add anything else to my hydroponic or this strawberry fertilizer is enough?

Our strawberry fertilizer should be enough. However, we recommend using our Cal Mag formula in addition to strawberry fertilizer for the best results and highest yield.  

2. How often do I water the plants with this fertilizer?

Frequency of application depends on how many plants you have, your soil type/health and the variety of strawberry you are growing. We generally recommend applying Strawberry Fertilizer once every two weeks. Then, depending on how your strawberry plants react, you may increase or decrease this frequency.

3. If I'm using this as a side-dressing, how many times a year do I apply it to the soil?

Again, frequency of application depends on soil health, soil type, number of plants and the plant variety. To start with, you can mix our Strawberry fertilizer into your soil once every two weeks and depending on how your plants respond, you will increase or decrease this frequency. You will likely only need to fertilize 1-2 times per year.