Magnesium Chloride; The Forgotten Mineral!

Amir Tajer

Posted on August 18 2015

Magnesium (Mg) is one of the most underrated minerals and arguably the most important one. We need about 100 mg of Magnesium (Mg) daily and our body stores about 20-28 mg of Magnesium (Mg), which is used in hundreds of biochemical reactions from metabolism of food to synthesis of fatty acids and proteins. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Magnesium (Mg) deficiency has so many negative effects on our health and well being.

As discussed earlier Magnesium (Mg) has many benefits and we will talk about three main benefits of Magnesium (Mg) in this article:

  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes
  • Migraines


Heart Health:

Magnesium is necessary for maintaining a steady heart beat and healthy blood pressure. Magnesium is responsible for transporting electrolytes such as Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K) into cells, which is essential for nerve signals and muscle contractions of healthy heartbeats and Magnesium (Mg) deficiency could cause irregular heartbeats known as arrhythmias. Studies show low levels of Magnesium (Mg) in blood is the most common cause of heart rate disorder, atrial fibrillation (afib). A review of 22 studies show that Magnesium (Mg) supplementation such as Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride USP supplement could lower blood pressure. Also, other studies show low levels of Magnesium (Mg) could cause hypertension and other heart disease especially heart attack. Less than 1% of body’s Magnesium is in blood and over 50% is found in the bones and rest in body cells.



Magnesium (Mg) plays a major role for people with diabetes. Studies show that people with highest Magnesium intake reduce risk of high blood sugar and metabolic problems by over 70%. Another study shows higher Magnesium (Mg) intake reduces risk of impaired glucose and insulin metabolism. Scientists also believe Magnesium (Mg) intake is a significant factor against type 2 diabetes.



Migraines are extremely painful recurring headaches and doctors believe Magnesium (Mg) deficiency could be of the reasons for migraines. Several studies suggest that people with migraines usually have lower levels of Magnesium (Mg) compare to other people. Also, studies show people with migraines who increased their Magnesium (Mg) intake reduce frequency of their migraine attacks by over 41% compare to 15% for people who took placebo. In addition, scientists believe Magnesium (Mg) could especially help women whose migraines are caused by their periods.


As we talked about it earlier in this article Magnesium has so many different benefits and these are some of the most common benefits of Magnesium (Mg). At Greenway Biotech, Inc. healthier life for every one is our goal and If you are someone with Magnesium (Mg) deficiency or would like to increase your Magnesium (Mg) intake to stay healthy you could purchase your Magnesium Chloride, which is the most efficient form of Magnesium at very affordable prices at the link below:

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