Here's How to Know You're Magnesium Deficient

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on July 03 2019

What is Magnesium?

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a naturally-occurring mineral vital for normal bone structure in the human body. Those who eat a balanced diet usually get enough magnesium, however, supplements can be necessary if magnesium levels are too low.

Usually, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables provide enough magnesium for healthy bodily functions. However, there are instances where, despite a healthy diet, people may not be getting enough magnesium.

How Does Magnesium Function in Our Body?

Magnesium is an essential part of more than 300 separate functions within the human body. Some of the most important functions that it helps maintain include:

  • Normal Nerve and Muscle Function
  • A Healthy Immune System
  • A Steady Heartbeat
  • Strong Bones

It can also help regulate your blood glucose levels as well as contribute to adequate production of protein and energy.

It's safe to say that magnesium is a pretty important mineral, and everybody should do their utmost to make sure they have sufficient levels in their diet, and if not, supplement it.

How Does a Lack of Magnesium Affect Our Bodies: What Are Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency?

How does a magnesium deficiency affect our bodies?

It's quite common for a magnesium deficiency not to be diagnosed as the obvious symptoms may not appear until magnesium levels become dangerously low.

Long-term magnesium deficiency has often been associated with serious health problems including Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Hungry Bone Syndrome.

Typical symptoms of a magnesium deficiency include:

If you're suffering with a combination of these symptoms, it may be worth considering taking magnesium supplements.

Do Certain Health Conditions Signal That You May Be Magnesium Deficient?

There are a number of health conditions that may emerge as a result of magnesium deficiency, such as Diabetes and Celiac Disease.

Before deciding if your health conditions are a result of magnesium deficiency, it's best to consult your symptoms and condition with a medical professional, as they could be unrelated.

Can These Health Conditions Be Cured By Improving Levels of Magnesium in the Body?

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While magnesium may not directly cure conditions like Diabetes and Celiac Disease, it can make living with the conditions more bearable, and the symptoms themselves more manageable. There's also evidence which suggests that healthy magnesium levels may contribute to the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and management of Arthritis pain.

Can Magnesium Deficiency Be Reversed or Prevented?

Thankfully, magnesium deficiency can be prevented and reversed by taking high-quality magnesium supplements. If you're concerned that you're not getting enough magnesium from your diet, take supplements.

If you've been informed by a medical professional that you may have a magnesium deficiency, you may also want to consider taking supplements.

It's possible to reverse a magnesium deficiency in as little as three months. As long as you're eating a healthy diet and taking magnesium supplements, this target of 12 weeks is not unrealistic.

Fortunately, we stock only the finest quality magnesium supplements that will help your body's natural functions. If you're looking to improve your health, or manage your health concerns, our magnesium supplements are a great step forward towards a healthier you.

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