What Are the Best Fertilizers to Use in Hydroponics?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on March 22 2023

Hydroponics is seen as a more sustainable option than traditional agriculture, as it utilizes few resources during plant growth.

It's also 90% more efficient in water use, with faster germination times.

To get the ultimate yield from your hydroponics farm, you need to boost your young seedlings with our organic fertilizers and plant boosters.

Here are some great organic fertilizers for hydroponics and seven types of best hydroponic plant boosters.

1. Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer

Person holding hydroponic plant

This fertilizer has a high nutrient efficiency and is the ideal boost for hydroponics plants. It contains sulfur that plants readily absorb.

And apart from nourishing alkaline soils, it also contributes essential nitrogen necessary for plant growth.


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2. Boric Acid

Leafy green plant growing in hydroponic system

Boron is a highly effective nutrient boost for plant growth, successful yields, and optimum development.

It's used in small amounts and helps to balance starch and sugar and boost pollination and seed production.

Additionally, boron also assists in cell division and protein formation while supporting plant water and nutrient transportation.

Applying boric acid to your plants is a great way to ensure they're receiving this micronutrient.


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3. Azomite Powder

hydroponic lettuce plants floating in water

Azomite is a mineral-rich powder made from volcanic ash that you can add to your hydroponic system, soil grown plants or indoor plants!

It contains about 70 trace minerals that are highly beneficial to plants.

When Azomite is used as a plant booster, it improves general plant health and improves pest resistance along with plant immunity.

Azomite also strengthens the roots and increases your crop yield.


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4. Micro-Green 2-0-3

Hydroponic lettuce crop growing in rows in hydroponic system outside

Micro-green is among one of our top recommendations for hydroponic systems.

This formula is one the best fertilizers for providing hydroponics nutrients at the early and late stages of growth.


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This hydroponic plant fertilizer contains seven elements that aid in plant growth.

These are:

  • Boron- it balances carbohydrates and sugar while promoting pollination and seed production.

  • Chelated Iron- it fixes nitrogen, promotes chlorophyll and enzyme development, and aids metabolism in plants.

  • Chelated Zinc helps in chlorophyll production, stem elongation, and withstanding cold temperatures.

  • Calcium- it helps activate cellular repair and the plant's defense mechanism, such as antioxidants in plants.

  • Chelated Manganese- it improves the plant's health and growth by promoting photosynthesis.

  • Chelated Copper- it activates some enzymes involved in lignin synthesis. It also helps plants in respiration, photosynthesis, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and flower production.

  • Sodium Molybdate- it supplies plants with molybdenum.

5. Pepper and Herb Fertilizer 11-11-40 Plus Micronutrients

Red chili pepper plant growing outside

The balanced nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous ratio boosts your hydroponic pepper and herb crops.

The formula is suitable for capsicums such as the bell, sweet, and chili peppers.

It also nourishes umbellifers like parsley, coriander, and celery, as well as herbs like peppermint, rosemary, basil, thyme, and lavender.


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6. Tomato Fertilizer

Red and orange tomatoes growing on tomato plant outside

This 100% water-soluble fertilizer contains the perfect blend of phosphorous, sulfur, and nitrogen alongside iron, manganese, copper, and zinc.

Apart from tomatoes, our Tomato Fertilizer is also suitable for growing eggplants, goji berries, potatoes, and peppers.


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7. Potassium Chloride

Sprouted plant growing in soil with roots showing underground

Our Potassium Chloride fertilizer helps regulate plant metabolism while regulating water pressure inside and outside plant cells.

This fertilizer is also great for root development and stress tolerance.


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