6 Proven Reasons Why Your Zucchini Plant isn't Growing Fruit

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on July 10 2023

Zucchini fruits are ideal for preparing savory zucchini soup, crisps, pancakes, and many other dishes.

But what if your zucchini plants fail to fruit?

Zucchini plants may flower but fail to produce courgette fruits for various reasons.

Here are some insights on why your zucchini or summer squash plants may fail to produce.


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1. Poor Zucchini Plant Pollination:

zucchini plant

Do you use pesticides to eliminate pests in your garden?

If so, that could be the probable reason for poor pollination.

Pollinators such as bees and butterflies help in pollination.


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If your plants aren't getting pollinated well, and you don't know how to pollinate zucchini, try planting many bright, flowering plants that can attract pollinators.

2. The High or Low Temperature in the Planting Environment:

zucchini plant with flowers

Zucchini plants fail to fruit well when the daytime temperature exceeds 32 °C, or the night-time temperature exceeds 24 °C.

You can avoid exposing your zucchini plants to too high temperatures by planting early enough for them to start producing before it gets hot as the season advances.


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But you should avoid planting before the last frost. The choice of such an ideal time depends on your location and season changes.

3. Planting Too Early or Too Late:

Dead zucchini plant from frost bite

Planting your zucchini plants too early may expose them to some frostbite, and the low temperature may hamper fruition.

Also, planting too late may expose your zucchini plants to too high temperatures that characterize the hot season as it advances.


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So, time your planting season after analyzing your location's seasonal temperature changes to avoid zucchini growing problems.

4. Incorrect Watering of Your Zucchini Plants:

Watering can watering zucchini plant sprouts

Too much watering often causes root rot in your zucchini plants, and the root rot hampers proper fruition.

Similarly, little to no watering causes dry soils, poor flowering, and poor fruit formation.


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So, it is prudent only to water your zucchini plants when the first inch of the planting medium dries up.

5. Disease and Pest Infestation

Insects on zucchini plants

Diseased and pest-infested zucchinis won't flower or fruit well.

As such, you should continuously monitor the health of your zucchini plants and use proper pest and disease control measures to ensure that your plants stay healthy.


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6. Lack of Proper Plant Nutrition or Fertilization

Greenway biotech cucumber fertilizer for zucchini plants

Is your planting medium fertile enough for your zucchini?

If not, then your zucchini plants may not flower or fruit well.

Zucchini plants need a lot of fertilizer and more so nitrogen.

Suppose your planting medium has some nutritional deficiencies.

In that case, you should use a test kit to determine the fertility of your medium and choose a proper fertilizer to apply to the planting medium.

Are your zucchini flowers falling off or failing to fruit?

Worry no more! We can help you get the best fertilizer for zucchini.

Our nitrogen-rich cotton seed meal fertilizer or cucumber fertilizer is ideal for your zucchinis. These fertilizers provide 5% and 8% nitrogen, respectively.

Moreover, the cucumber fertilizer provides essential micronutrients, and the cotton seed meal fertilizer has vital soil microbes, promoting plant growth and rooting.

If your soil is nitrogen-rich, then consider using bone meal fertilizer that's rich in calcium and phosphorus (24% & 15%).

A fruiting zucchini is the perfect outcome of your gardening prowess.

But plant diseases, pest infestation, too high or low environmental temperatures, too early or too late planting, and the lack of proper nutrition, watering, and fertilization may cause poor flowering and fruition in your zucchini plants.

Greenway is your perfect gardening partner, and you can get all your essential gardening supplies when you shop our site here.



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