Greenway Biotech Inc., was founded in 1989 in Santa Fe Springs, CA, to provide eco-friendly gardening solutions to local farms and nurseries. From the very start, they made a commitment to always providing a balance between quality products andservices and insuring that the products manufactured are harmless to the environment. In 1999, they decided to broaden their horizons by offering products outside of California and by 2005 they were exporting their products to Europe and Asia. The following year, Greenway Biotech, Inc. went global.

In 2012, after a change in corporate management, it was decided that Greenway Biotech, Inc. would begin selling to individuals as well as businesses. As a direct result of this decision, Greenway Biotech, Inc. began to offer Personal Care products. It was a major step to veer into other areas not directly related to agriculture, but management felt this was the best way to serve the individual. Other projects are on the table and customers can expect to see many additions to Greenway's product line in the near future. They also began providing E Commerce options directly on the company website, as well as allowing customers to interact with customer service reps online.

Greenway Biotech Inc Corporate Profile