What Are the Benefits of Magnesium Oil on Feet?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on February 28 2024

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that can easily be depleted by daily stress.

This is why a nice epsom salt bath has a mood-boosting effect.

You can use magnesium in your daily routine in many ways and forms.

Most people do not know that you can use magnesium on your feet to combat symptoms of magnesium deficiency, which include fatigue, muscle cramps, nausea and loss of appetite.


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Can You Put Magnesium Oil on Your Feet?

foot massage using magnesium oil

Yes, you can. Magnesium oil can be applied to the feet, left to sit for 30 to 60 minutes, and then washed off.

You can also let it stay on for the entire night and take it off in the morning.

Putting magnesium oil on your feet allows it to penetrate the outer layer of skin for maximum absorption.


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Benefits of Magnesium Oil on Feet

benefits of greenway biotech magnesium oil spray on feet

It helps with sleep and reduces muscle cramps.

Magnesium spray for feet could be the missing ingredient you need for a good night's sleep and less cramping.

Adding magnesium oil spray to your daily night routine could bridge the magnesium deficiency that 75% of Americans have.

Helps with athlete's foot. 

In addition, although magnesium does not cure athlete's foot, it draws out moisture from the feet, making the environment less hospitable for the fungus.


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Eases migraines and anxiety. 

Magnesium can also be used to soothe migraines, anxiety and IBS.

The compound does this by drawing in moisture and other impurities, helping ease digestion and removing toxins from the body.



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Should You Wash Off Magnesium Oil?

foot bath after using magnesium oil

If this is your first time using magnesium spray on your skin, then you may experience the magnesium oil itch.

It is perfectly normal to experience this, especially for the first timer, which is why you're welcome to wash off the magnesium oil after a short time.

As time goes by, you will be able to spend longer with the product on your skin. 


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How Many Sprays of Magnesium Oil Are on Feet?

greenway biotech magnesium oil spray

The number of magnesium oil sprays you need may vary, especially if you are working with homemade magnesium oil.

This variation occurs because most homemade magnesium sprays have different ingredients and varying amounts of each.

However, if you use store-bought magnesium spray, you only need to ensure that the product covers your feet evenly for optimum absorption.


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How to Use Topical Magnesium Oil on Feet

how to use greenway biotech magnesium oil on feet

Before applying magnesium oil to your feet, you must ensure they are clean by cleansing them with soap and water.

Then, spray the magnesium oil spray on damp skin as it is best absorbed in this way.

You can massage the product and let it sit for a few minutes for maximum absorption.

Rinse off after 30 minutes to an hour or if you experience any irritation.


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