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How to make Magnesium Oil using Magnesium Chloride (DIY)

Posted by Amir Tajer on

One of the best ways to improve the level of Magnesium in your body is taking Magnesium transdermally. The most common way for this is to use Magnesium Oil and below is the instruction on how to make Magnesium Oil from Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride USP:



-1/4 cup to ½ cup of Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride USP
-1/2 cup of Distilled Water
-Jar or Spray Bottle to Store the Mixture



1. Heat up 1/2 cup of distilled water (not to the point of boiling)
2. Pour the water over 1/4 cup of Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride
3. Stir the mixture until the Magnesium Chloride is dissolved.
4. Allow to cool then pour into a glass spray bottle or jar for storage
5. You can apply the mixture to your skin after it has cooled enough to a comfortable temperature. You can also store the Magnesium Oil for future use


Note: Many use the magnesium oil several times per day, using anywhere from 10 to 20 sprays spaced throughout.

Note: For optimal absorption spray/apply the Magnesium Oil to your stomach area and arms and legs.

Note: If you find that the application of Magnesium Oil tingles or stings, you can dilute the mixture by adding more water.


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