Is MSM Right for Your Pet?

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on October 01 2020

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur-containing compound that is beneficial for dogs and cats. MSM naturally exists in animals and plants, but it can also be created in a lab. These supplements are a great option if your pet is suffering from arthritis or is in need of joint care due to old age.

We offer an MSM dog supplement so if you're interested in learning more, here are a few of the main benefits of using MSM for dogs and cats.

1. Strengthen Bones and Joints

MSM for dog bones and joints


MSM is well-known for improving the strength of bones and joints in pets. You can proactively prevent or slow down various musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and other issues.

2. Reduce Chronic Pain

MSM for dog and cat chronic pain

One of the top benefits of using MSM for pets is that it helps to reduce chronic pain by limiting the transfer of pain impulses through nerve fibers.

MSM also increases the activity of cortisol in the body, which is a natural anti-inflammatory hormone.

3. Offers Allergy Relief 

MSM for allergy relief for pets

An additional benefit of buying MSM dog supplements is that it provides relief from a wide variety of allergies.

For example, MSM naturally blocks food, inhalation, and contact allergies to give your pet a much better quality of life.

Potential Downsides of Using MSM for Pets

MSM ofr pets hip & joint supplement

MSM is a natural form of sulfur, which makes it a safe option for pets. However, it is essential to find the right dosage for your dog. Too much sulfur can cause kidney and liver problems or breathing difficulties.

Side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea may also happen, as it is important to reach out to a vet if your pet experiences adverse side effects.

How Do You Know MSM is Right for Your Pet?

MSM levels in your pet begin to decrease over time due to age. These sulfur deficiencies can result in a dull hair coat, brittle nails, connective tissue problems, and gastrointestinal issues.

However, MSM is considered a safe option for pets if it's taken in recommended dosages.

Reach Out to Learn More 

Our MSM powder helps reduce arthritis and provide joint care for your pets. Our goal is to help improve your pet's quality of life, as our pharmaceutical-grade optiMSM is 99% pure to ensure your pet receives the best results.

Our team members are always available to answer any of your questions and discuss the many advantages of using MSM for joint care.

Shop our MSM powder below and enhance your pet's health.


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  • Comment author

    Luis: We’re sorry to hear about the stomach issues your dog is having. Similar to humans, some animals may experience adverse reactions to certain supplements. This should be temporary, but we highly recommend speaking with your veterinarian as an extra precaution. We hope your dog recovers soon. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to customer support via email and we’ll be happy to help.

    Posted by Greenway Biotech | April 18, 2024
  • Comment author

    Hello, I added the msm directly to my dogs food. I didn’t dissolve it in water because it didn’t say that. My dog has really bad stomach cramps. Do you know if this will be temporarily?

    Posted by Luis | April 18, 2024
  • Comment author

    what is recom. dose for cat?

    Posted by Robyn Willis | July 19, 2021
  • Comment author

    Hi Irena, there is no difference in the product itself. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email which you will find in our “contact us” page. Thank you!

    Posted by Greenway Biotech | March 15, 2021
  • Comment author

    Is there a difference in the MSM you sell for pets, as opposed to the one you sell for people?

    Posted by Irena | March 15, 2021
  • Comment author

    Carl: Hi there, thanks for pointing that out! We’re sorry for the inconvenience. This article is about the benefits of MSM for your pets so we did not include how to give this to your pets, but you may dissolve the recommended dosage for your pet in water. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email our customer service address so we can answer you in a more timely manner. Thank you!

    Posted by Greenway Biotech | December 07, 2020
  • Comment author

    I looked for the suggested method of how to give this to my dog but found nothing. How come?

    Posted by CARL | December 07, 2020
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