6 Pet Friendly Plants for Your Home and Garden


Posted on September 14 2018

They say it’s a dog eat dog world, but for pet owners, a dog eat plant world may be just as worrisome.

Whether indoor or outdoor, plants are a wonderful way to beautify your home, but even a delicate flower can become a major threat. Did you know when ingested, some plants can be fatal for pets? Others prove to be toxic with a simple graze of your pet’s tail against its leaves.

You do everything you can to ensure your furry, four-legged friend is healthy, but sometimes danger can present itself in the unlikeliest places - your garden included.

While there are many plants you’ll want to keep away from your pets, read on to find out which ones are safe enough for you and your pet to enjoy.

 1. Garden Marigolds

Orange Marigolds

Rest assured that marigolds are a safe bet to include in your garden. The most popular colors for this flower are shades of orange and yellow. As long as Fido doesn’t take more than a few nibbles of it, the marigold is a great choice for adding a pop of color to your garden or indoor space where your pet wanders.

2. Sunflowers


As if we needed another reason to love these cheerful blossoms – sunflowers won’t cause anything more than a mild stomach ache in your pup or cat if they decide to make a snack out of your sunflower patch.

3. Pansies

Yellow Pansie

If your pet has the tendency to eat everything in sight, pansies may be the way to go. Not only are they safe for human consumption (and are said to be pretty tasty), but if your furry friend were to follow suit and chomp on a few petals, they’ll be fine - that is so they can repeat the same behavior tomorrow because pets will be pets, after all.

4. Gerber Daisy

Orange Gerber Daisy

With their bright colors and long stems, the gerber daisy is a pet-friendly and beautiful choice of flower for your home or outdoor garden. They even clean the air in your home, limiting your exposure to indoor air pollution.

5. Rose

Pink Roses

A garden full of roses is always a classic. While nibbling on the rose petals won’t cause harm, the thorns will be painful if swallowed so it’s still advised to supervise your pet if they roam where the roses are planted.

6. Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail Succulent

The Burro’s Tail is a pet-friendly succulent that we love! The great part is, they do well in hanging containers so even though they’re non-toxic to pets, you have the option of keeping the succulents out of reach if you wanted to.


Get Planting!

That wraps up this pet-friendly list. Please be aware that the plants suggested here are only a few of the many pet-friendly plants available. You can find a complete list of non-toxic and toxic plants for pets, by visiting the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  In the meantime, browse our selection of organic and water soluble fertilizers. We're sure Fido would give you two paws up for that. 

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