Rodent Roundup: Natural Solutions for Keeping Critters Out of Your Garden

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on August 14 2018

It's almost inevitable – if you have a garden, you'll likely have pests like snakes and rodents threatening your garden.

Don't fret, however. You have many different pest control options for keeping rodents away from your homegrown fruit and vegetables so that the bounty remains safe for your family to harvest and enjoy.

You don't have to turn to dangerous chemicals or inhumane traps, either.

Instead, you can use a variety of preventative solutions and natural, environmentally friendly and water soluble preparations that will work well with your eco-friendly fertilizer to keep your garden safe and your kitchen full of fresh foods.

Erect Fencing Around Your Garden Beds

Garden Pest Control

Fencing can be your first line of defense against rodents and pests invading your garden beds.

It's important to remember one key caveat to the fencing you use, however: you must pick a material that the pests can’t chew through or rip holes in.

Instead, consider a variety of options from wire or mesh flexible fencing you can find at local home and gardens stores, to creating DIY solutions from repurposed pallets.

When it's time to erect this fencing, another key step can elongate the life of the fence while enhancing its usefulness in pest control: dig a trench around the garden bed so that the base of the fence goes a few inches below the surface.

Then, fill in around the fence with topsoil to anchor in place. This will prevent the pests from pulling the base of the fence up to slip under or digging tunnels beneath to reach the fruit and veggies.

Prevent Slithery Guests with Sulfur

Sulfur for Garden Snakes

Snakes can be one of the more invasive visitors your garden will have and can often slither right past any fences you erect.

To prevent them from taking a bite out of your favorite food, you can use organic substances to naturally repel them. 

Sulfur works well when sprinkled around your garden and mixed in a bit with your top soil. And better yet – it won't interfere with the makeup of your ecofriendly fertilizer.

In addition to snakes, sulfur can also act as a repellent for a variety of other pests including chiggers and insects. As an added benefit, organic sulfur can positively impact the pH of the soil in your garden, helping you to turn out a more bountiful and beautiful harvest.

Discourage Hungry Visitors With Blood Meal Fertilizer

Blood Meal for Rabbits

You have many different options when it comes to choosing an eco-friendly fertilizer for your garden, but not all can claim to take a stand in your pest control battle like blood meal fertilizer can.

If you have deer in the neighborhood who like to stick their necks over your fence to graze on your leafy greens, or rabbits who are intent on crafting a custom salad from your garden, blood meal will effectively send them packing.

Blood meal fertilizer is also very healthy to use in your garden because of its high nitrogen content, fast acting properties and its ability to lower pH levels.

When you choose this type of fertilizer, you'll reap healthier harvests, be able to solve growing problems quickly and not lose your fruit and veggies to the neighborhood's four-legged gourmands.

Adapt Pest Control Plans for Your Specific Area

natural pest control

The pests gardeners face are quite varied, not just in different parts of the country but also just in different neighborhoods.

While one city may spray for a particular insect, a neighboring one may not. And you may get visits from deer if you're closer to wooded areas while friends a few miles down the road in a more suburban spot may not.

So, it's important to carefully monitor your garden to take note of the type of pests who visit. This way you can adjust your pest control plans as necessary.

Once you know who or what you're battling, you'll be able to craft the perfect and unique plan for your backyard, combining pest control fencing, our eco-friendly fertilizer that doubles as a pest repellant and add-on environmentally safe compounds to deter four-legged thieves from ever visiting.

Shop these natural solutions below! 


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