7 Surprising Things to Know About Magnesium Chloride

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on December 20 2022

There are many reasons why Magnesium Chloride is good for your body.

It is a magnesium salt used as a supplement to prevent and treat magnesium deficiency in the body.


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Insufficient magnesium can lead to various health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Despite its undeniable value in our lives, most people do not know much about magnesium chloride.


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Here are seven things no one told you about magnesium chloride.

1. It's Easily Absorbed

Magnesium chloride powder on wooden spoon

Magnesium chloride is readily absorbed in the digestive tract.

Once it is absorbed, your body puts it to work, boosting levels of the mineral in the blood.


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Once there, it helps your body fight abnormal blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart disease.

It also helps your body make protein, DNA, and healthy bones.

People taking this supplement don't need to worry about kidney damage because magnesium chloride does not cause damage to the kidneys.

2. It Works for Migraines

Woman in yellow long sleeve shirt on gray couch with pink ice pack on left side of head from migraine headache

Migraines can leave you feeling ill and unable to complete your daily tasks.

Research has shown a strong relationship between migraines and low magnesium levels.

Our Magnesium Chloride USP powder is a great supplement to aid in relieving migraines.

We get the finest magnesium from the depths of the Dead Sea, which means it is free from any heavy metal contamination.

3. It Supports Muscle Function

Person in blue gym shorts with knee pain

The benefits of magnesium chloride to the skin are easily observable after a few days of consistent and proper use.

The compound is easily absorbed through the skin and can be used topically to improve muscle function and relieve aches and pains.


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4. It Improves Vitamin D Levels

Sun shining in blue sky with white clouds

Most people take magnesium chloride with Vitamin D.

This combination works because your body needs to have enough magnesium to absorb Vitamin D into the body effectively.

This combination can be taken for as long as one needs with virtually no side effects, though it's always recommended to speak with your doctor first.

5. It's Necessary for Our Diet

Platter of fruits and vegetables with avocado, blueberries, tomatoes

You can get magnesium from a few foods, including leafy greens and nuts.

However, some people may not get enough magnesium from food to keep their bodies going.


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Your body needs about 100mg of magnesium every day to aid in hundreds of processes in the body.

A supplement is a great way to ensure your body gets as much magnesium as it needs.

6. It's Also Available as an Oil

Greenway biotech magnesium oil spray in clear glass bottle

Magnesium oil is beneficial for many conditions, including insomnia, asthma, stroke, and migraines.


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Although research is limited, many people have significantly improved after using magnesium oil on different body parts.

7. It's Used to Manufacture Tofu

Cooked tofu blocks in blue bowl on wooden table next to brown, wooden chopsticks

Despite its strong taste, magnesium chloride is used to manufacture tofu without impacting the final taste.

It is used to coagulate soy milk to produce curd.

Many manufacturers attribute the smooth, delicate tofu produced this way to magnesium chloride.

The Takeaway

Migraines, heart disease, muscle pain, diabetes, asthma, the list of conditions that can get healed or improved by taking magnesium chloride is a long one.

At Greenway Biotech, we are committed to providing the best quality supplements to get you and your loved ones healthy and happy.

Our Magnesium Chloride USP  is a great addition to your family's supplement regime.

Get it today and see the world of difference it makes.



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