What is Topsoil and Why is it Important?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on May 24 2023

Did you know a lot goes on in your garden soil, particularly the topsoil?

It's where your plants absorb their nutrients and where the water you provide gets absorbed.

Without topsoil, your garden plants would have a hard time staying alive.

So what exactly is topsoil?

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil with leaves on top

As the name suggests, topsoil is the top layer of soil in any agricultural land.

It can get as deep as 8 inches and provides the plant roots with the most nutrition and growth factors.


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Types of Topsoil

Topsoil with earthworm on it

The type of topsoil is usually directly impacted by the bedrock that lies beneath the land. It typically consists of several different soil types.

Here are a few soil types you may have in your garden.

  • Loam soil

  • Sand

  • Clay soil

  • Silt soil

  • Chalk soil

  • Peat soil

Some gardens may need an additional element to aid plant growth the most common being organic alfalfa or bone meal fertilizer.


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How Does Topsoil Differ From Garden or Potting Soil?

Person with orange gloves holding soil in hands

If you've used potting soil before you probably know it is a far cry from any soil you find on the ground.

It is infused with high volume, low content material like wood chips to make it more porous.

On the hand, garden soil is much denser because it does not have the same fluffy texture brought on by peat moss and the like.


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Why You Need Topsoil

Person holding soil in hand on grassy field

Every time it rains, running groundwater carries off a layer of soil through erosion.

This process happens gradually and can strip the land of crucial nutrients leaving it bare and barren.

If your garden has no topsoil you will have little to no crop yield and you may notice a few bald spots cropping up.


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When Should I Put Topsoil in My Garden?

Rows of lettuce heads growing in dirt

You should start making plans for additional topsoil when you notice your garden's productivity is slowing down.

Go for high-quality topsoil or fertilizer like an organic bone meal right from our shop, that can enhance the fertility of the topsoil you already have.

What is Topsoil Made of?

Grass growing on top soil

The simple answer for this is that topsoil is primarily made of soil which can be clay, loam, sand, or silt.


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For your plants to survive and thrive you need to add in more nutrients to make them more plant-friendly.

Visit our website for a list of great products you can use to boost your topsoil fertility.

When Adding Topsoil Can Benefit Your Garden

Person with red gardening gloves planting orange marigolds

Topsoil has plenty of benefits for your plants but without its nutrients, your plants will most likely display slow or stunted growth.

Your soil most likely loses some nutrients every time it rains which is why you should think about fertilizing it.

How much fertilizer for topsoil you add depends on the type of plants you grow in your garden.


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Some plants need more of one type of fertilizer than others which is why you should do a little research before planting.

The benefits of the topsoil can only be fully realized if top-quality fertilizer is not frequently added to the soil.

At Greenway Biotech we take your garden topsoil seriously which is why we have invested resources to provide you with nothing but the finest fertilizer your plants could need.

Get top-tier fertilizer from our top notch fertilizer collection and watch your garden erupt with life this spring.



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