How to Companion Plant With Cilantro

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on July 13 2023

Do you love the flavorful taste of cilantro in your spicy dishes? Or do you use it as a detoxifying medicinal herb? Whichever your use, cilantro is a flavorful herb sought for its culinary and medicinal uses.

Cilantro is best when used fresh, and its herbaceous shoots should be green, juicy, and healthy to provide a solid spicy flavor.


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As such, avoid planting your cilantro among companion plants that may smother cilantro shoots and lead to stunted, yellowing, or wilted shoots.

Here are insightful tips to help you plan your companion planting when growing cilantro.

What's Companion Planting?

Cilantro plant outside

Companion planting is a crop husbandry practice that involves planting different crops in one lot to promote their growth via symbiotic relations.


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Companion planting is a common practice in organic farming because it's a natural method of gardening that betters crop growth and yield without artificial chemicals.

But why use companion planting?

The Pros of Companion Planting in Your Cilantro Garden?

Cilantro in a planter box 

Companion planting has many benefits in both organic and non-organic farming.

Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Companion planting allows maximum usage of your gardening space because it allows you to get more than one crop product from the same lot.

  • Some plants attract beneficial insects such as pollinators, and incorporating such plants in your herb garden may attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

  • Companion plants such as legumes may help enrich the soil by fixing nitrogen, thus making your soil more fertile.


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  • Some companion plants are good at reducing the harm caused by pests. For example, marigolds and nasturtiums reduce the population of harmful pests such as squash bugs and cabbage worms by diverting them from main crops, like cilantro.

  • Companion planting provides natural protection to other crops. For example, planting squash or other trailing plants among cilantro offers an ideal ground mulch that retains soil moisture in the spacing between crop lines.

  • A weed-infested lot can lead to poor cilantro growth. But intercropping cilantro with other crops reduces the space available to weeds by occupying the middle of crop rows, thus smothering weeds.

Which are the Best Cilantro Companion Plants?

Green pole beans for companion plants for cilantro

  1. Beans and other legumes are ideal companion plants for cilantro farming because they naturally add nitrogen to the soil.

  2. Tall flowers and leafy vegetables can help shade cilantro from the hot summer sun. These crops may also attract pests and keep them away from the short cilantro plants.

  3. Other ideal companion plants for cilantro include tomatoes, Jalapeno peppers, and potatoes.


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Now that you know what to plant with cilantro, it's also good to see the kind of plants to avoid when choosing companion plants for cilantro.

What Not to Plant With Cilantro

lavender field

Some plants aren't ideal for companion planting alongside your cilantro because they have plant needs that conflict with those of cilantro.

Cilantro often does well when grown on medium with plenty of water because it has shallow roots.


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As such, it's prudent to avoid planting the cilantro vegetable alongside plants that require drier and well-drained medium.

Such plants may include:

  1. Lavender

  2. Thyme

  3. Fennel

  4. Rosemary


Companion planting helps your cilantro grow better and healthy.

In addition to companion planting, it's best to use fertilizers that provide the ideal nutritional needs of your cilantro plants.

In our shop, you can buy Pepper & Herb Fertilizer 11-11-40 Plus Micro Nutrients, Lettuce Fertilizer 8-15-36 Plus Micro Nutrients, and Cal-Mag Plus, which are ideal fertilizers for your cilantro plants.

These nutrition-filled fertilizers are suitable for your cilantro because they provide essential micro-nutrients that improve plant health and growth.



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