Magnesium Bath Salts

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We all know how hectic and stressful life could be at times, we've all experienced those days that we just want to disconnect from reality and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation and peace. For such days we recommend taking a warm and exfoliating bath at the end of the day.

We put this amazing Magnesium Bath Salt bundle for all the bath lovers out there, which includes two of our most popular bath salts not to only help you relax and destress but also to enjoy the amazing benefits of magnesium.

There's no better feeling than taking a Magnesium Bath before you go to bed because not only will you feel relaxed, Magnesium also makes your skin look refreshed and feel soft and smooth. The difference between regular bath salts and Greenway Biotech Magnesium bath salts is Magnesium helps you to fall asleep faster and enjoy a long deep sleep so you're well rested and ready to tackle any challenge life throws at you. In addition, Magnesium bath salts work like magic on sore muscles and joints. It's the perfect recovery from a workout, hike, marathon, or just a simple walk on the beach with your loved ones. 


This bath bundle includes: 

25 Pounds of Epsom Salt 

15 Pounds of Magnesium Bath Flakes 






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