What Are the Best Essential Oil to Clear Blocked Pores?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on January 30 2023

Dry skin and blocked pores are your skin's worst enemies.

They make skin look dull and patchy, directly impacting your mood and social interactions.

If your skin is giving you trouble, tea tree essential oil may be just the product you've been missing.

Let's look at the benefits of essential oils for your skin.

**Disclaimer: Applying essential oils directly to the skin may cause burning and irritation. It's recommended that essential oils are diluted in a carrier oil (like castor oil) first, before they come into contact with the skin.**


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The Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oils

 Greenway Biotech Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil in dark brown bottle on white sheet next to cat tail plant

The benefits of essential oils on your skin can't be overstated.

Tea tree oil in particular, has numerous benefits for all skin types. Read on for a few of them:

  • Antifungal Benefits

One of the most sought-after benefits of using tea tree essential oils is its anti-fungal benefits.

Fungus present on your skin can cause conditions like athlete's foot, which can be unsightly and very uncomfortable.

Tea tree oil has been shown to relieve athlete's foot with consistent application.


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  • Acne Relief

Brown bottle of organic essential oil with a dropper and green leaves in the background

Using our organic tea tree essential oil on skin affected by acne can provide relief in a few weeks.

The oil unclogs pores, which is a common cause of acne.

When dead cells and other materials build up in your pores, they block your skin from secreting sebum which causes a minor inflammation in the affected pore.

The resulting inflammation, is what we see as acne.


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  • Stress Relief

Did you know that high-stress levels can affect your skin?

When feeling overwhelmed and uneasy, take a break, slow down, and use essential oils to create a soothing environment.

You can use essential oils for recommended for you. aromatherapy all around your home for an indirect way to clear up your skin.

Research shows that minimizing stress can help improve skin health! 

Luckily, we have other soothing essential oils that can help with stress relief as well as magnesium oil and epsom salt that can offer extra support in the stress department.


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  • Helps Heal Bumps and Bruises

Person with bruise on leg wearing black biker shorts

We all get bumps and bruises when working around the house or office.

The next time you get a cut, try using tea tree essential oil to disinfect the area.

Not only will it stay clean and free of infection, but it will also smell amazing.

It will not take away the pain but will make it easy to forget the sting.

  • Manages Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues

People struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and other mental health issues find essential oils extremely helpful in dealing with the symptoms.


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Soothing smells like those of tea tree oil can alleviate panic attacks, ease breathing, and calm one's senses.

Try our eucalyptus essential oils for relief when you get anxious or feel overwhelmed.

  • Keeps Skin Moist

Person applying organic tea tree essential oil from dark brown bottle using a dropper onto hand

One of the most important aspects of an oil is its ability to retain the skin's moisture content while simultaneously keeping your pores unclogged.

Our essential oils are hand bottled in the U.S for quality control, making top-quality organic essential oils that keep your skin moist and healthy.


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When buying essential oils for your skin, you want to make sure they're bottle in dark glass to ensure the oil doesn't deteriorate from the sun. 

A dark, glass bottle keeps the therapeutic and aromatic properties of essential oils in tact. 

It's time to give your skin a clean start with essential oils!

Choose the Best for Your Skin

Woman with clear, dewy skin and a long braid smiling with eyes closed in front of a beige background

Your skin is among the first skin people see and touch when they interact with you. Don't let dry, flaky skin stop you from living your best life.

Get the best essential oils for blocked pores from us and see the difference in your skin.

Our essential oils are sourced from organic plant material, hand bottled in dark glass and manufactured in the U.S. for the best quality possible. 

Browse through our wide selection of organic essential oils and level up your skincare routine. 



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