What is the Best Lotion for Crepey Skin On Arms and Legs?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on June 30 2023

A soft gentle touch from a loved one can easily be the highlight of your day.

Don't let crepey skin keep you from fully embracing those around you and reaching out for new opportunities.

Get your skin the best lotion for crepey skin, our Beet-Tanical cream and embrace life to the fullest.

For those unfamiliar with crepey skin let's lay out the works and show you how you can avoid this condition.


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What is Crepey Skin?

Wrinkled skin

If you have seen or handled crepe paper before you'll understand the reference perfectly.

Crepe paper is thin, crinkled paper that is typically used to make decorations.

Crepey skin is also thin and wrinkled often lacking elastic qualities as well as resilience against life's daily wear and tear.

If your skin does not return to its normal tone fast when stretched you may have crepey skin.


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Why Do I Have Crepey Skin on My Arms and Legs?

Hand with wrinkled skin

Crepey skin is singularly most commonly occurring on the arms and legs because these are the areas that are most exposed to the sun.

Most people leave their arms and legs uncovered when it's hot in the summer which exposes the skin to the sun's harmful rays.

The sun's rays contain harmful ultra violet rays that can cause damage to your skin causing crepey skin.


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What Are the Common Causes of Crepey Skin?

Person with wrinkled, crepey neck skin

Sun exposure is the most primary cause of crepey skin due to the harmful ultra violet rays.

Another reason your skin could be crepey is age.

As one gets older, they are more likely to get crepey skin.

It is also possible for crepey skin to run in the family through genetics.

So if your parents or grandparents get crepey skin you may be pre-disposed to the condition.

There are habits that can accelerate or directly cause crepey skin. Some of these habits may include smoking and pollution.


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The Role of Lotion in Treating Crepey Skin

Greenway biotech beetanical body balm cream for wrinkled skin

Keeping the skin on your arms and legs moisturized by religiously moisturizing using lotion and specialized creams can greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin.

This works by reinforcing collagen bonds in the skin; the substance that makes your skin look young and stay elastic.

What Are the Most Effective Treatments for Crepey Skin?

One of the most effective treatments for crepey skin is keeping hydrated and keeping the skin moisturized.

Choosing high-quality products to use on your skin gives you an added advantage as some substandard products may do more harm than good.


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How to Pick the Best Lotion for Crepey Skin?


When picking out crepey skin lotion you want a high quality product as well as one that offers unparalleled results.

You want a product that has a simple ingredient list to keep your skin supple and rejuvenated.

These are all qualities that our Bee-tanical Cream meets and exceeds.

You can choose between our classic Bee-tanical Cream or Solene Foot CreamEven better, is if you start using these creams preventatively to stop crepey skin before it even starts.

Visit our personal care collection today and explore the wide range of healthy, low-tox and easy to use products that improve your health and wellbeing in a short span of time.



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