5 Most Common Reasons Your Aloe Plant Turned Brown

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on December 27 2023

The aloe vera plant has numerous health benefits and applications in treatment of diseases.

Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties make it a must-have in your home from using the aloe gel to treat sunburns or propagating the aloe leaf for easy plant abundance.

However, the life of your aloe plant may not always be green and luscious; here are a few reasons why your aloe plant is turning brown and what to do about it.


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Common Reasons Why Your Aloe Plant is Turning Brown

1. Aloe Plant Turning Brown Due to Overwatering

Brown Aloe Vera plant leaves from overwatering

If your aloe plant is turning yellow or brown, it could be a case of overwatering.

You may notice the leaves beginning to feel soft.

If so, stop watering the plant altogether, and let the soil dry out.


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2. Aloe Plant Turning Brown from Underwatering

Brown Aloe Vera plant leaves from under watering

Another reason your aloe plant looks gloomy could be that it is under-watered.

Although the succulent doesn't need to be watered frequently, it still requires watering, approximately twice a week. 

You'll know your aloe plant needs water when the soil is dry to the touch.

Most plant parents have hectic schedules and often forget to water their plants.

Let's face it: plants are not like cats, who will let you know it's feeding time when you get home.

If you realize your plant has not been watered in a while, water it well for the next few days, but don't overdo it.


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3. Aloe Plant Turning Brown Because Of the Sun

Brown Aloe Vera plant leaves from too much sun

Too much of anything can be problematic, which also applies to aloe plants and sunlight.

Plants need just the right amount of sunlight to thrive, and too much sunlight for your aloe plant can have detrimental effects.

The sun's rays can be harsh and cause your aloe to develop brown splotches or dry out the leaves completely depending on how severe the sun exposure is.


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4. Aloe Plant Turning Brown from an Excess of Fertilizer

Greenway biotech organic blood meal fertilizer 13-0-0 for Aloe Vera plants and succulents

The same goes for fertilizer. Too much fertilizer for your plants can have adverse effects, leading to your leaves turning brown from something called fertilizer toxicity.

For example, Blood Meal is a high nitrogen fertilizer that can benefit Aloe Vera plants. but you'll want ensure that when applying Blood Meal fertilizer, follow the recommended measurements on the label and consider diluting the fertilizer to minimize burning your plant.

In case you overdo it with the fertilizer, you can leach the soil using distilled water, or rainwater can help dislodge the buildup.


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5. Aloe Plant Turning Brown Due to Pests and Diseases

Mealy bugs on an Aloe Vera leaf

Pests and diseases may find their way to your precious plants, no matter if your Aloe Vera plant is indoors.

The best way to deal with this is by cutting off diseased plant parts and finding suitable treatment to remove the bugs permanently.


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Can You Save a Brown Aloe Plant?

Green Aloe Vera plant next to window

Sadly, most brown aloe leaves will not revert to their luscious green selves if the damage is too severe. 

If this is the case, you'll want to move on by removing dead aloe leaves.

To remove brown Aloe Vera leaves, start by grabbing a sharp and clean pair of scissors or a blade. Then, cut the unhealthy leaf at an angle at the base of the stem.

Cutting off dead leaves from your plant helps stop the spread of disease if that's the culprit behind your browning leaves.

Pruning your Aloe Vera lets the plant use nutrients to grow new, healthy leaves.


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How to Get Your Aloe Vera Green Again

Green Aloe Vera plant leaves

The best way to have your aloe love feeling right as rain is by catching browning in time and address the root cause of your brown aloe plant.

If the cause of brown leaves is quickly resolved, you can count on a healthy plant in a few days.


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