6 Charming Ways to Decorate Your Home With Plants

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on September 26 2018

There are more ways than one to invite mother nature into your home
In fact, you can take a break from the typical flowers in a vase routine because we have six ways you can incorporate plants as part of your home decor that are equally appealing as they are unique.
Bring on the plants and turn up the charm! 
1. Accent Pieces

Plants on coffee table

Sometimes you may want your plants to blend in with the rest of the space rather than stand out. This is where using them as accent pieces comes in.

For this, you can stick to smaller plants like succulents that add texture and detail to a room without competing with the rest of the pieces in the same area. 

Depending on the plant you choose, they can amplify the overall tone of the room, but not over-do it.

2. Hang it Up

Fern Plants on shelves

Think you don't have room for plants in your home? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, plants don't have to solely be placed on the floor; they can be hung!

Whether you suspend your plant from the ceiling or neatly line your walls with plant shelves, this will definitely be an eye-catching statement in the room that won't disappoint. 

3. Create Groups

Staircase with Plants

What's great about indoor plants is you aren't limited to using one type. Whether yours are trees, bushes or vines, grouping different varieties of plants in one area can create a dramatic effect.

Placing plants with similar features may make the foliage of each plant blend in with one another and cause the space to err on the dull side, but by grouping a variety of plants together, the unique look of each plant stands out and magnifies the spontaneity of the room. 

4. Escape to an Oasis

Bathtub surrounded by plants

Plants can pretty much be placed anywhere and this allows for some creative freedom.

Using your plants to form a border around another object is a neat way to design an oasis-like area you can escape to and relax in. 

This "oasis" doesn't need to be in your bathroom either, as the one above.

All you need to do is select an area of a room, line this area with plants of your choosing and leave enough space in the center of the plant border for you to retreat to.

5. Create a Theme

Book shelf with plants

When choosing plants for your home's interior, it helps if you think in terms of a theme. For example, the photo above can be thought of as having a jungle theme.

The leafy vines climbing the wall combined with the wall art and elephant pot create the feeling of going into the wild once you step foot in the room. 

Plus, the way the plants are placed near one another rather than spread out, creates a fullness that's also reminiscent of a dense jungle. 

6. Choose Complementary Colors

Bedroom with plants

Here, you want to focus on color coordination.

Notice how the tan color of the plants' pottery matches with the similar color of the floor, chair, blinds and certain accent pieces so the green leaves create a pop of color among the tan furniture that brings an earthiness to the area.

Not to mention, the simplicity of the large plant leaves draws the eye to the sitting area, making it all the more inviting.

Meanwhile, the hanging container with the smaller plant contributes to the rest of the texture in the room because of its decorative details.

While it may appear random, the proximity of the different sized plants to one another creates a more balanced look rather than one that clashes. 

What's Your Plant Style?

We hope these tips got your creative juices flowing and these awesome examples served as the proper inspiration to get you started on your next plant project.

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