Why Chelated Iron DTPA Can Help Your Aquaponics System Thrive

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on March 23 2018

Chelated Iron DTPA is an artificially created supplement which ensures that plants grown through aquaponics get the necessary amount of iron to thrive.

This supplement prevents iron deficiencies by attaching iron to an organic substance, making it soluble.

Chelated Iron DTPA works with the natural processes used by plants to absorb iron into the root structure and is specifically optimized to work best in aquaponic systems that have a standard pH level between 6.0 and 7.5.

This product is admissible under USDA Organic Standards and should be considered the primary option for preventing iron deficiency in plants grown using aquaponic systems.

Why is Chelated Iron DTPA Important?

Iron is critical to both the production of chlorophyll and the process of photosynthesis.

Plants suffering from iron deficiency will grow poorly or may even die.

Unfortunately, absorbing enough iron to support these processes is often difficult. The reason for this difficulty has to do with two states of iron: ferric and ferrous.

Ferrous Iron is soluble, which allows plants to absorb it. Ferric Iron, on the other hand, is insoluble and can’t be absorbed by plants.

Ferrous Iron becomes ferric when it is oxidized. Since the aerobic environment created by aquaponics allows for oxidation, Ferrous Iron often shifts to become Ferric Iron.

This shift results in iron deficiencies even though plenty of Ferric Iron is present.

Chelated Iron DTPA solves this problem by working with one of the processes that plants evolved to absorb iron more efficiently into the root system.

The process, called chelation, involves organic molecules produced by plants called chelatins.

Chelatins are created by a plant’s root system and leaked into the soil, where they capture and bind with insoluble Ferric Iron.

Unfortunately, plants don't always create enough chelatins to fully support their need for iron.

This is especially true when pH levels are 7.0 or higher, as is common in an aquaponic system.

Artificial chelatins, like Chelated Iron DTPA, bridges the gap between what the root system of the plant produces and what the plant needs to thrive.

Why is Chelated Iron DTPA Best for Aquaponics Systems?

Aquaponics system water soluble fertilizers chelated iron dtpa

There are a variety of chelated iron options on the market, each offering different benefits depending on how plants are being grown.

Chelated Iron DTPA is the most suitable option for aquaponics systems.

The reason it is the most suitable has to do with the pH level of aquaponics systems.

As previously mentioned, Chelated Iron DTPA is best at a pH level between 6.0 and 7.5, which is the most common pH level for most aquaponics systems.

For higher pH levels, up to 9.0, the best option would be Chelated Iron EDDHA, but the pH levels of aquaponics systems rarely ever get this high.

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