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Chelated Iron DTPA Fertilizer

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The most important function of iron in plants is in the production of chlorophyll, a key requirement for photosynthesis. A deficiency in iron makes plants produce less chlorophyll causing retarded growth. When an iron deficiency is detected in plants, it is usually because of the following:

  • Excess amounts of clay in the soil
  • The ph level of the soil is too high
  • The phosphorous content of the soil is too high
  • The growing medium is overly wet or compact

Chelated Iron DTPA is a source of iron for plants grown in alkaline conditions. It is an additive, which aquaponics experts recommend to constantly add to aquaponics systems for the prevention and treatment of chlorosis, normally referred to as the yellowing of leaf.

The fertilizer contains iron in oxidized form. Plants take up iron in the oxidized form, the ferrous form, or the ferric form. One mechanism that makes uptake possible is the chelating mechanism, where the plant releases siderophores that bind with the iron, making it soluble for absorption. A soluble form of iron is the one that the plants require; the plant cannot absorb an insoluble form.

Chelated Iron DTPA improves nitrogen content in plants. It is responsible for enzymatic and chlorophyll development and vital for plant metabolism.

Why is Chelated Iron DTPA Suitable as a Fertilizer in an Aquaponics System?

When the pH of a growing medium surpasses 6.2, iron becomes unavailable to the crop. Chelated Iron DTPA is an organic molecule that is electrically charged, that binds the iron and releases it to the plant even after the pH level of the growing medium rises.

Important Things to Note

Chelated Iron DTPA is more suitable than Chelated Iron EDTA since it is 100% more efficient from a pH level of 6. In a healthy aquaponics system, the pH level is usually between 6 and 7.5. Chelated Iron EDTA is only better suited to lower pH levels of the growing medium. Therefore, when the pH level rises, it becomes ineffective as it fails to provide sufficient amounts of iron.


  • Chelated Iron DTPA has a higher efficiency at lower dosage rates
  • It is convenient and easy handling without sediments
  • Chelated Iron DTPA is highly ranked and recommended by most aquaponics professionals
  • Chelated Iron DTPA is a better and economical option for use in both neutral and acidic mediums
  • The fertilizer remains soluble in the soil for constant iron availability
  • A single element of Chelated Iron DTPA allows for accurate and specific nutrient adjustment
  • The fertilizer is compatible with most agrochemicals and fertilizers
  • It has no packing rising and is easy to pour
  • The fertilizer comes in powdered form; this makes it easier to use as you will only need to dissolve it in water and proceed to use.

Things to avoid

  • Never apply the fertilizer to geraniums, marigolds, pentas or to other crops that are sensitive to iron
  • Only store the product or mixed solutions in dark places, since sunlight usually degenerates Chelated Iron DTPA.
  • You should avoid contact with elements such as copper, Copper alloys, nickel, and zinc
  • You should never store the product near feeds

Make your order of Chelated Iron DTPA today with us and experience better results.


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