The Best Trees to Plant in Your Yard

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on April 27 2023

There are numerous reasons why you need trees in your yard.

One of the most important reason is their root system helps hold your soil together, controlling soil erosion.

Trees also absorb excess water, provide shade, privacy and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The right landscaping tree for your yard should fulfill the role for which you intend.

They should also have the ability to survive in your climate region.

Let's look at the best trees for your yard and some ways you can help them thrive by using eco-friendly products on your soil like our Pepper and herb fertilizer.


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What Are The Best Trees for Your Yard?

Large tree in yard

For some people, the kind of trees they grow in their yards is completely guided by their aesthetic sense and personal preference while others choose trees that match the overall landscape theme.

Here are a few trees that can make great additions to your yard.


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Pink dogwood tree in backyard

    Also known as Cornus the dogwood tree has the potential to be the start of your yard every spring.

    It flowers splendidly each spring displaying luscious pink and white blossoms that form a full canopy for shade.

    In the winter their bare branches aren't an eye sore which makes them a great plant to have in your yard.


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    The Saucer Magnolia

    Two magnolia trees with pink and white flowers in yard

      The saucer magnolia is also called the Magnolia x soulangeana and plays the role of a masterpiece in your garden.

      The tree grows to about 20 feet tall and blooms in spring.

      It displays saucer-shaped flowers that are pinkish-purple in color, a true delight to behold.

      The saucer magnolia is great for anyone interested in an ornamental piece for their yard.


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      Factors to Consider When Choosing Trees to Plant

      When choosing the best tree to plant in your front yard you should consider the following factors:

      Soil Condition

      Two hands holding soil

        Every plant has different soil requirements. If your soil does not offer the right conditions your plants may not thrive.

        Our water soluble Tomato fertilizer is a great additive to your soil for better growth and blooming.

        Climate Compatibility

        Kids hands holding small tree in dirt

          Some trees may fit the bill for what you want for your yard but they may not be cut out for life in your climate zone.

          For this reason, you need to choose trees that can survive harsh winters and the blistering summer heat.

          The tree must also survive on the average rainfall you get year-round.

          How to Take Care of Your Trees

          The first thing you need to do for your trees is ensure they get the right nutrients from the soil.

          Fertilize the Soil

          Greenway biotech fertilizers on top of soil

            You can do this by choosing the most suitable Greenway Biotech fertilizer for your plants.

            Some homeowners use strawberry fertilizer to add macronutrients to the soil.


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            Weed the Soil

            Person planting tree

              Your trees will have a hard time surviving especially when weeds are choking the life out of them.

              Also, watch out for pests that may infest and your plants before they reach maturity.

              Although highly unlikely, keeping grazers from decimating your young tree is important.

              Only the Best For Your Trees

              Three green sprouts of trees

              Easy to use, water-soluble and highly effective are the hallmarks of all our products.

              Browse through our website and choose from our wide variety of high-quality products.

              We value your yard's health and are dedicated to providing you with the tools necessary to take the best care of it.



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