The 5 Types of Gardens Kids Love

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on April 08 2022

Spending time outdoors and away from technology is something that should be an important part of all children's lives.

The best way you can help your kids and grandkids spend time outdoors is by creating a garden that they'll enjoy.


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This guide puts together the top five kinds of garden that kids love.

1. Butterfly Gardens

Orange monarch butterfly on top of yellow flowers

A butterfly garden can help boost a child's interest in science while also getting them involved in gardening.

By planting a variety of flowers that provide nectar for long seasons such as chives, petunias, and goldenrods, you will attract adult butterflies and offer them a place to lay their larvae.

It should be noted that pesticides are known to repel pollinators and shouldn't be applied to your garden if you want to encourage pollinator action. 

Instead, you can use boric acid as a natural insect repellent to only keep harmful insects away.

Children will love this as not only can they be involved in planting the flowers to attract the butterflies, but they can also document your visitors and learn about insect life cycles.


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2. Vegetable Gardens

Person collecting tomatoes and cucumber plants in a wicker basket from her vegetable garden

Growing vegetables is an often-overlooked part of life as we are increasingly dependent on supermarkets for our food.

However, by planting carrots, tomatoes, and strawberries, to name just a few, you can help your little ones understand more about the food chain and the effort that goes into growing what we eat.


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A vegetable garden can help you to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your children's diets while also giving them a good reason to get outside and get their hands dirty!

3. Fairy Gardens

Small fairy garden in a white and brown pot outside

A fairy garden is something that you can create alongside your child that will last for many years to come.

Choosing plants for a fairy garden involves getting something that will stay small such as miniature ivy.

You can pick any kind of theme for your fairy garden and your children will enjoy decorating it whether you choose a beach theme, woodland theme, or anything else.

Fill your fairy garden with all kinds of decorations. You can even make one inside  a tire planter if you're up for a different challenge, and you'll have a special corner of your garden in which your children will love to spend their time.

4. Alphabet Gardens

Mom and dad outside in vegetable garden with young son

An alphabet garden is the perfect way of helping younger children learn the alphabet while also spending time outdoors.

While not everyone has room to plant something for every letter of the alphabet, you can narrow it down by having an ABC garden or even planting things that begin with each letter of the child's name.

5. Rainbow Gardens

Red, yellow and purple pansies in a rainbow flower garden

Having a range of bright colors outside will help make the space more appealing to children.


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Young children are naturally drawn to bright colors so having a variety of colorful plants out there combined with colorful pots, fences, and stones is a surefire way of encouraging the younger members of your family to spend some time away from their screens.

At the Heart of Every Healthy Garden

Woman in plaid shirt outside in vegetable garden planting tomato starts using greenway biotech tomato 4-18-38 fertilizer

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