How Can You Keep Animals Out of Your Garden?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on May 05 2023

We all love animals as long as they are not damaging property and gardens we've worked hard to build and grow.

Here are a few ways to keep animals out of your precious garden.

A great first place to start is identifying the animal that is wreaking havoc in your garden.

If you're unsure what kind of animal is responsible for ruining your garden, you can set up cameras around your home and get footage.

If surveillance cameras are not an option, check for tunnels or bite marks that could tip you off on the critter you are dealing with.

Once you know what kind of animal is the culprit, you can get to work stopping it.


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1. Create a Physical Barrier

Wooden fence around a garden

    Creating a physical barrier is the first off-the-top-of-your-head solution to pesky critters destroying your plants.

    You can use a fence around the perimeter or in individual plants.

    The only downside to this measure is that it will only deter larger animals, and it can be expensive and time-consuming.

    Additionally, some animals can get smart and dig under the fence to get to your garden.


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    2. Use a Hot Pepper Spray

    Person spraying green potted plant

      Yes, you read that right. Spicing up parts of your plants that animals attack can deter animals from munching on them.

      The hot pepper sauce is usually mixed with natural dish soap and applied.

      You can use a spray bottle for the application process to avoid getting any on your hands and eyes.

      This may work on some pests like rabbits but not on animals that cannot taste hot pepper.

      3. Use Blood Meal Fertilizer

      Greenway Biotech Blood Meal fertilizer

      One of the benefits of blood meal fertilizer is it acts as a pesticide to deter animals like deer and rabbits.

      Our blood meal fertilizer is water soluble for easy application. 

      Aside from acting as a pest deterrent, blood meal fertilizer is eco-friendly and corrects nitrogen deficiency in your plants, making it a great addition to your garden.


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      4. Noise Repellants

      Red squirrel on tree

        Alternatively, you can use special equipment around the garden to emit sounds that the animals find frightening, forcing them to retreat.

        Noise repellants rely on motion sensors to know when to emit sound.

        This kind of equipment may not work if multiple animal species attack your garden, and it may come at an added cost.


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        Additionally, animals can get used to the noise and learn that it doesn't actually hurt them, defeating the purpose.

        5. Setting Up Traps

        Metal traps for animals in garden

          Traps can be inhumane ways to capture and even kill animals.

          Additionally, they require time and effort to set up and time to check them every day.

          If you have pets and young ones, setting up traps can be dangerous for them because they may not realize the danger and end up getting hurt or worse.

          Lastly, traps are not foolproof because animals can walk right past them.

          This is why using one of our powdered, yet water soluble products like: 

           Can go a long way in managing any unwanted animals in your yard. You can browse our shop here and get all the natural pest/rodent deterrents you need to keep your garden healthy, happy and strong.



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