Organic Cottonseed Meal Fertilizer 5-2-1

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Farmers and gardeners all over the world are angling towards GMO-free, environmentally friendly and organic fertilizers that are akin to better health and higher yields.

Environmentalists globally have raised awareness regarding environmental degradation regarding harmful components of a variety of fertilizers. 

Scientific studies have also shown the adverse impact foods planted with synthetic fertilizers have on human and animal health.

The need for safer, more productive fertilizers pushed manufacturers to produce better composed and balanced organic fertilizers.

One of the most efficient, convenient and scientifically proven organic fertilizers is Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1.

The Composition

Organic Cottonseed Meal fertilizer is a by-product of cotton manufacturing and is composed of naturally occurring products.

The fertilizer is slow release and acidic. Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1 is composed of 5% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphorus, and 1% Potassium and is heavy metal (e.g. Lead and Mercury) free. 

The phosphorus, potash, and nitrogen nutrients are slowly released to the soil and are available for the plant's intake for more extended periods.

It is most suitable for acid-loving crops.

Organic Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1 is ideal for a variety of plants, most notably: 

  • Vegetables 
  • Turf 
  • Berries
  • Landscape plants

Benefits of Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1

  • Promotes vigorous and robust growth. 
  • Lower soil PH, making it convenient for a surge in elements like iron and magnesium in the soil.
  • Holds high organic content. 
  • Suitable for aeration of tight and dense soil. 
  • Aids in moisture retention in light and sandy soil. 
  • Infused with seven essential strains of beneficial soil microbes.
  • Heavy metal free.
  • Non-GMO.

Such benefits are vital in spurring plant growth – making them healthy and livelier. You can look forward to healthier harvests at the end of the season.

The slow release property of Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1 fertilizer ensures safe use, avoiding the possibility of foliage burn, while at the same time promoting healthy foliage, increasing yields and fostering magnificent crop blooms throughout the season.

Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1 fertilizer is a natural nutrient, which guarantees healthy products that are safe for consumption.

Soil Benefits

The most convenient and useful fertilizers are not only beneficial to the plant’s strength and growth but also encourages soil health.

Soils are composed of various micro and macronutrients as well as microbes that are key in the soil structure and essential to plant growth.

Having a fertilizer infused with the necessary components that unlock some of the soil nutrients and activates soil microbes is vital. 

Cottonseed Meal 5-2-1 fertilizer appeals to many growers, primarily for its benefits to the soil.


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