Magnesium Nitrate & Magnesium Oxide Formula 11-0-0

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Plants fertilizers come in various types, shapes, and sizes and you get different returns from them.

The kind of fertilizer you choose to apply to your plants determines how much you get from them.

Before using any fertilizer make sure that you understand everything about it.

Magnesium Nitrate and Magnesium Oxide formula 11-0-0 fertilizer is the best-known soil enhancer used to improve the soil structure.

It contains all the nutrients required for plant's development. It enhances the intake of magnesium by the plants which improve the plants' growth and development.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for healthy plants and increasing yields. It is a primary component of the chlorophyll molecule thus it is necessary for photosynthesis and formation of carbohydrates.

Also, Magnesium is involved in enzymes reactions, and it helps in the generation of energy. If a plant is suffering from Magnesium deficiency, it slows the plant development hence resulting in low yields and poor quality.

This fertilizer contains nitrates too which is also vital for plants' growth. These nutrients are essential for the formation of proteins in plants which are necessary especially for legumes.

Product Features

  • This fertilizer contains 11% nitrogen, 9.6% magnesium and 16% magnesium oxide. All these are nutrients required by plants for development.
  • It is 100% water soluble- This makes it easy for you to use and also it makes it very efficient as the plants absorb it immediately after application thus you get to see fast results.
  • It is useful both for hydroponics and soil use- If you decide to grow your plants without the use of soil, you can still apply the fertilizer and get good results. The same applies to the soil.
  • Magnesium nitrate and magnesium oxide formula 11-0-0 is derived from magnesium nitrate and magnesium oxide.
  • Excellent for Hydroponics and Soil use
  • It is Derived from Magnesium Nitrate and Magnesium Oxide

Make your order today and increase your yields at an affordable price.


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Magnesium Nitrate & Magnesium Oxide Formula 11-0-0