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Plants fertilizers come in different shapes and sizes, and they bring different yields on your plants.

The type of fertilizer you choose for your plants will determine how much yields you get from it.

Therefore, before using any soil conditioner, it is wise that you understand its value first.

Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) is among the best-known soil conditioners, and it helps farmers to improve their soil structure.

This type of fertilizer contains all the nutrients required for your plants' growth.

Gypsum gets deep in the soil layers very quickly and provides the needed calcium and sulfur.

It is, therefore, paramount if you are looking to improve the soil structure and drainage or if you want to eliminate the toxic effect of aluminum.

Calcium improves soil structure and creates oxygen conditions essential to improve the soil and plants' health. This enhances the quality of the crops, hence, increasing yields.

Its calcium component does not alter the PH of the soil, and it is, therefore, the best for soils with high PH level but with calcium deficiency. Gypsum (calcium sulfate):

  • Improves the soil drainage
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Boosts the soil structure
  • Upgrades the soil water relations
  • Reduces surface water runoff thereby reducing phosphorus and nitrogen loss from soil
  • Increases earthworms in soil

Main Benefits

The fertilizer is derived from mined gypsum - This makes it high quality since it contains a high level of calcium and sulfate.

It is repackaged from organic gypsum - Therefore, you do not have to worry about any chemicals that might be harmful to the soil.

It is 100% soluble in water - This makes it easy to use, and also it means it is very efficient as soon as after its application and you get to see the results fast.

It contains 97% Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, 22.5% calcium and 18% sulfur - These are components required for soil conditioning.

Make an order of this soil conditioner today and increase your plants' yields at an affordable price.



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