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Chelated Manganese EDTA Fertilizer

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Chelated Manganese EDTA is a stable water-soluble nutrient that helps boost your plants' growth. It is mainly used in horticulture as a micro-nutrient. Manganese Fertilizer helps in preventing and correcting manganese deficiencies caused by nutrients imbalance. Chelated Manganese EDTA is applicable in trickle irrigation, can be absorbed in NPK and could also be applied in Foliage fertilizer. It provides a healthy plant growth for maximum yields.

Manganese is among the secondary nutrients needed by plants for a normal and healthy growth. Lacking the correct amount of magnesium nutrient could cause poor plants’ growth.

Why Do Plants Need Manganese (Mn)?

Manganese is used as a primary contributor to most biological processes like nitrogen assimilation, metabolism, respiration, and photosynthesis. It is also vital in pollen germination, the growth of pollen tube, resistance to root pathogens and root cell elongation.

Most enzymes in plant cells need manganese for proper performance. However, the primary role of manganese in crops is acting as a central atom in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is responsible for giving leaves their green color. It is also responsible for the process of photosynthesis.

Manganese is also responsible for activation of most of the plants' enzymes that are required for plants’ growth and protein synthesis. Manganese, therefore, plays a vital role in ensuring that your crops develop healthily thus increasing yields.

What Does Manganese Deficiency Look Like in Plants?

Manganese is mobile and is, therefore, used by many parts of the plant. Symptoms of lack of manganese, thus, are likely to be seen first in older leaves. The primary sign is yellow leaves with green veins. This condition is also known as interveinal chlorosis.

It also leads to stunted plant growth. Manganese deficiency occurs mostly when the pH of the growing medium which could be either soil or water exceeds 6.5. It can also be as a result of low fertilizer application rate or poor application.

Chelated Manganese EDTA is best when used in hydroponic agriculture where the plants are in water. Manganese Fertilizer comes with the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Highly soluble in water
  • Contains high Manganese (Mn) elements
  • Crops can quickly take in chelated manganese since they require low energy for absorbing the Chelated nutrients
  • You start witnessing the results right after application. This is because Chelated Manganese is readily available for plants
  • It is multipurpose as it can be used both in hydroponics and aeroponics agriculture, as well as applied in soil

Why is Chelated Manganese EDTA Better Than Manganese Sulfate?

Chelated manganese is much stronger than manganese sulfate. Also, it is more soluble in water compared to manganese sulfate. Chelated Manganese contains more elemental nutrients, which are essential for healthy plant growth. Due to its wider pH availability, once Chelated Manganese is applied, plants take it more efficiently, resulting in higher yields.

Chelated manganese EDTA increases the stability of manganese in crops thus preventing and correcting manganese deficiency in the growth medium. Ensure that your plants are healthy by checking the manganese levels. If they are deficient, then Greenway Biotech’s eco-friendly and heavy-metal free Chelated Manganese fertilizer is ideal for fixing manganese deficiency.


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