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Chelated Iron EDTA Fertilizer

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Iron (Fe) is one of the most important micro-nutrients required for plants, trees, and lawn. Although most soils have plenty of Iron (Fe), usually it's not available for plants and that's why Iron (Fe) deficiency is very common in plants and it is also known as chlorosis (yellowing of leaves). Some of common Iron Chelate EDTA features:
  • Great To Improve or Prevent Chlorosis (Yellowing of Leaves)
  • Great For Foliage Usage (100% Water Soluble)
  • Contains 13% Iron EDTA
  • Suitable for Hydroponics and Soil Usage


Note: Your choice of Nitrogen (N) fertilizer is also very important for Iron (Fe) uptake in plants.

Ammonium Nitrogen (N) is the most efficient form of Nitrogen (N) because it lowers the pH level in roots; therefore, increase Iron (Fe) uptake.

In contrast, Nitrate Nitrogen (N) would increase the pH level and lower the Iron (Fe) uptake in plants.

Note: Applying Chelated Iron EDTA could definitely solve Iron (Fe) deficiency problems in the short term but it is very important to identify the problem and prevent it from happening instead of applying Iron (Fe) fertilizer which could become very expensive. 



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