Blossom Green 2-6-8

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Weight: 1.8 Pounds (Makes 1 Gallon)

Like in many plants, the flowering stage is imperative in hydroponic plant production. A sound blooming stage requires all the elements of fertilizer and a lack of one can lead to unhealthy symptoms and lower yields. 


Benefits of Blossom Green 2-6-8: 

  • Gives plants retired nutrients for abundant blossoms.
  • Enhances harvest size.
  • Offers nutrient balance.
  • Contains essential minerals for healthy plant growth.
  • Prevents nutrient deficiencies.
  • Strengthens plants.


You will marvel at the results with Blossom Green 2-6-8.


Elements Contained in Blossom Green 2-6-8

Plants require different nutrients for various growth stages. Hydroponic plants in particular, require three main elements for good flower and fruit development:

1. Phosphorus: 

  • The largest component of bud and bloom fertilizers.
  • Plays a significant role in stimulating bud development, flowering, and seed formation.
  • Increases speed of plant maturity.
  • Crucial for respiration and photosynthesis. 


2. Nitrogen: 

  • Associated with amino acids (also known as the building block of life.)
  • Responsible for stronger and greener growth.
  • Enhances healthy stems and leaves.
  • Promotes seed and fruit production.
  • Necessary for nutrients uptake.


3. Potassium: 

  • Enhances drought tolerance and improved hydroponic plant texture.
  • Boosts plant immunity.
  • Improves photosynthesis.
  • Intensifies fruit color. 


Things You Should Note:

If your plants lack any nutrients, it can decrease plant health and crop yield, including stunted flower growth. Our Green Hydroponics line of fertilizers contain all the necessary nutrients that ensure the plant's proper development when properly applied.

The best thing about it is that you can adjust the elements depending on which one the plants need most.

Blossom Green contains all the nutrients for seeding, vegetive stage, and blooming after combining all the various elements necessary based on the environment. It comes with a manual that helps you measure the correct amounts.


Why Blossom Green 2-6-8?

  • Easy to Use - Blossom Green 2-6-8 comes in a dry concentrated form. It is, therefore, easy to use as the only thing required is for you to dissolve it in filtered water in the amount as indicated in the manual and you are ready to go.


  • Save Money - Due to its solid state, it is easy to transport since it can be shipped in bulk. This saves on transportation cost, and in return, the buying price is low which is an added benefit for the buyers.


  • Heavy Metal Free - It does not contain any heavy metals (way below the allowable amount by CDFA) and instead, has all the required nutrients for healthy blooming.


  • Reliable and Trusted Formula - It has undergone significant improvements for over 20 years, thus ensuring the best results and your satisfaction.


Note: Blossom Green 2-6-8  should not be used together with other chemicals from other companies as it can cause the plant to react negatively leading to poor results.

You also want to ensure that you follow the directions as indicated on the label to avoid any complications.


Grow With Greenway

If you need the fertilizer instantly, do not hesitate to order with us. We are time conscious, and we always ensure that you get the value of your money. It is the best-known fertilizer for flower production in hydroponics plants.