Zinc Sulfate FAQ

1. What is the application rate of Zinc Sulfate for pecan trees?

We recommend using 1 tablespoon per gallon of water for foliar application or 1.5-2 pounds per 1 inch of trunk diameter for soil additive.


 2. How much Zinc Sulfate do I need to use as a roof treatment?

If you are asking about using Zinc Sulfate to get rid of the moss on the roof, please follow the instruction below:

1. Mix 2.5 Pounds of Greenway Biotech Zinc Sulfate with 7 Gallons of water.
2. Spray Zinc Sulfate Solution on the moss

3. Brush off the moss when it dries


3. I have Zinc deficient grape vines, would Zinc Sulfate work for that?

Zinc Sulfate is a great source to treat the Zinc deficiency in any plants. We recommend using it as a foliar spray since it is the most efficient and quickest way of applying any fertilizer.


4. So, let's say I am going to water my orange tree that is in a 10-gallon pot with a gallon of water. How much of this powder should I add per gallon?

1-3 tablespoons depending on the quality/analysis of your soil and assuming you are not adding any other fertilizer with zinc contents.


5. Is your Zinc Sulfate fertilizer safe to use in a livestock mineral program?

Because our Zinc Sulfate is tech grade and not food grade, we would not recommend feeding this to livestock.