Tomato Fertilizer 4-18-38 FAQ

1. How often should I apply tomato fertilizer if I am growing in containers with soil?

It really depends on the quality of your soil. However, I recommend to start with applying tomato fertilizer once every 2-3 weeks and after that based on how your tomato plants react then you would either continue at the same rate or increase it if they look like the need more food or decrease it if they are doing fine.

2. How do I apply tomato fertilizer? Can I mix it in a bucket of water and pour it on tomato plants that are in the ground/soil or is this product for hydroponics plants only?

Yes, you could absolutely use our tomato fertilizer to feed your plants that are in the soil. Our tomato fertilizer was specially formulated so you could use it for both hydroponics and soil plants.

We recommend mixing 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water and you could either spray the leaves with the solution or just pour it around your plants.

3. Can I use tomato fertilizer on all hydroponics plants?

Yes, Greenway Biotech tomato fertilizer is a very good general fertilizer for most plants. However, this was specifically designed for certain type of plants such as

Eggplants, Potatoes, Tomatillo, Goji Berries, Tobacco, Peppers, Chayote, Nipplefruit, and Tomatoes.

Even though this formula would work on most hydroponic plants but it won't be the most suitable. For example, lettuce plants require more nitrogen than tomato plants so if you use tomato fertilizer on your lettuce plants then you need to add some more nitrogen (Ammonium Calcium Nitrate is a good choice) to get the best possible results.

4. Can Tomato Fertilizer be mixed with Calcium Nitrate and Epsom Salt in a container and then used as needed?

Yes, you could mix Tomato Fertilizer, Calcium Nitrate and Epsom Salt in a container and store it for later use. However, you must mix them in liquid form since in dry form it won't be homogenous and your ratios would change and also Calcium Nitrate becomes liquid if it absorbs moisture from the air and would make the entire formula hard. 

5. My seedlings are just starting to grow, should I use a diluted mixture to water them with? or should I wait until they get their first leaves?

When seedlings sprout, they get the first set of leaves called cotyldeons. All of the nutrients your seedling needs at this point, are contained right inside the seed. 

You'll want to wait until your seedling receives its second set of leaves called "true" leaves. These are a sign that your seedling's foliage is coming in. Once the true leaves come in, you can create the tomato fertilizer solution and apply it to your seedlings at a quarter of the recommended application rate - (1/8 tsp per gallon).