Sulfur Powder FAQ

1. What is Sulfur?

Sulfur is one of the main elements plants need to grow. Sulfur is essential in several growth functions such as Nitrogen metabolism, enzyme activity, and protein and oil synthesis. 


2. What are Sulfur deficiency symptoms?

Yellowing of leaves is the main Sulfur deficiency symptom. However, unlike Nitrogen and Iron deficiency which causes old leaves to turn yellow; Sulfur deficiency would cause young leaves to turn yellow. Also, prolonged flowering and pale colored flowers could be caused by Sulfur deficiency.


3. What is the difference between Elemental Sulfur and Sulfate?

Elemental Sulfur is the most concentrated type of Sulfur from 90% to 99% (Greenway Biotech, Inc. Sulfur contains 99% Sulfur). However, Elemental Sulfur can't be used by plants and it needs to break down in soil by microorganisms to Sulfate form.

Sulfate is found only in combination with other fertilizers. Most common types of Sulfate fertilizers are:

Ammonium Sulfate 

Ferrous Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate

Sulfate is readily available for plants and is highly water soluble.


4. Can Sulfur be used to keep away Snakes?

Yes, Snakes do not like strong smells and smell of Sulfur is a great organic snake repellent.


5. Is Sulfur water soluble?

No, Sulfur in the form that's found in nature (Elemental Sulfur) is not water soluble and it needs to be converted to Sulfate to become water soluble.


6. Can Sulfur be used to keep ticks and chiggers away?

Yes, you could just rub it on your animals and it will keep ticks and chiggers away.


7. Can Greenway Biotech Sulfur powder be consumed?

No, Greenway Biotech, Inc. Sulfur is not food grade and not for human consumption. However, we do have Pharmaceutical grade Sulfur (MSM powder) which is for human consumption: Greenway Biotech, Inc. MSM Powder


8. Is this Sulfur Feed grade?

No, this is not Feed grade Sulfur powder. This Sulfur is Agricultural grade Sulfur Powder.

9. Can this Sulfur powder be used in pyrotechnics?

Yes, you could certainly use this in pyrotechnics. However, you need to be careful and follow all the required safety rules. Since we sell and market this product mainly for agricultural purposes we don't include any safety rules and you are responsible for following the necessary safety rules.


10. Can this be used as a face mask or in bath water?

No, you cannot use this Sulfur powder for personal care purposes. You should use Pharmaceutical grade Sulfur powder (MSM powder) for personal care uses such as face mask or taking a bath. We also offer Pharmaceutical grade MSM and below is the link:

Pharmaceutical Grade MSM Powder! 


11. Can Sulfur powder be used on Dahlia tubers to protect against diseases in the soil?

It really depends on what kind of diseases in the soil. However, it would work to protect against diseases that are caused by Sulfur deficiency or diseases such as tuber rot, which is caused by fungus and Fusarium found in soil.


12. Is Greenway Biotech Sulfur powder 99.9% or 99% pure?

Our Sulfur powder contains 99% Sulfur (Active Ingredient) and it is 99.9% pure. This might be a little confusing because the numbers are so close but for example, our Urea contains 46% Nitrogen and it is 99.9% pure. Percentage of purity and active ingredient are 2 different numbers. 


13. Is Sulfur powder flammable?

Yes, Sulfur powder and dust are flammable. When Sulfur burns, it produces Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Also, Sulfur dust suspended in air ignites easily, and can cause an explosion in confined areas. Sulfur could be ignited in different ways such as flames, sparks, static electricity, etc.

Note: Gasses released from sulfur combustion are toxic.


14. Can I use this Sulfur powder to make Sulfur Soap?

We don't recommend using this Sulfur powder in any personal care products since it is not a pharmaceutical grade Sulfur. However, we do offer pharmaceutical grade Sulfur:

MSM Powder (Organic Sulfur Powder)


15. Can Sulfur powder be used as an ingredient for making black powder?

Yes, you could definitely use this Sulfur powder to make black powder.


16. Will Sulfur Powder kill carpet bugs? Can it discolor carpets if used indoors?

Yes, Sulfur powder gets rid of carpet bugs. I am not 100% sure about discoloring the carpets but we've never had any complaints about it so I don't think it discolors the carpets.


17. What is the process used to manufacture Sulfur powder?

Greenway Biotech Sulfur powder is manufactured with hydrodesulfurization process.


18. Can I use Sulfur powder to control fungus in my melon plants?

Yes, Sulfur powder is a great active ingredient to make a fungicide to control fungus in your melon plants.


19. Can I use Sulfur powder to get rid of white mildew on tomato plants that kills them?

Yes, you could apply Sulfur to your tomato plants to get rid of the white mildew. However, Sulfur is not 100% water soluble and cannot be dissolved in water and applied as a foliar application. We recommend applying it as a powder to the leaves.