1. What does Magnesium deficiency cause? 

Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, including muscle weakness, fatigue, eye twitches, insomnia, anorexia, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, confusion, anger, nervousness, and rapid pulse.


2. What is the best form of Magnesium? Magnesium Chloride? Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)?

Magnesium Chloride is the most effective form of Magnesium for cellular detoxification and tissue purification. 


3. Why do we need Chlorine?

Chlorine in Magnesium Chloride is a necessary element in the reaction to produce gastric acid and to stimulate starch-digesting enzymes.


4. What is the difference between Magnesium Chloride and Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)?

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) excretes (passes) through body very quickly compare to Magnesium Chloride; therefore, you need to use more Epsom Salt to get the same results. Also, Chloride is a necessary element to produce gastric acid and to stimulate starch-digesting enzymes.


5. What is the difference between Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride USP and other Magnesium Chlorides available on the market?

The main difference between Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride and other brands is QUALITY. Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride is pharmaceutical grade and it's very refined and clean. It is 100% safe to be consumed orally unlike many other brands out there and it is from Dead Sea deposits in Israel. Also, because Greenway Biotech, Inc. imports it directly from Israel; we could offer it at a very affordable cost to anyone.


6. Where does Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride come from?

Greenway Biotech, Inc. Magnesium Chloride is from underground seabed deposits of Dead Sea in Israel, which has one of the highest levels of Magnesium compare to other sources such as Ancient Zechstein Sea.


7. What does Pharmaceutical Grade or USP Grade mean?

Pharmaceutical and/or USP Grade is the highest grade available for any chemical and one of the requirements for a product to be considered Pharmaceutical Grade is having heavy metals and toxic chemicals levels of under 10 ppm at the most. However, that is not the only requirement and quality, purity, and strength are a few other requirements. It is highly recommended to use Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride if you want to consume it orally.


8. Is it safe to use Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride both orally and transdermally?

Yes, absolutely. However, transdermal and oral consumptions have different effects and you should see what your body reacts to better; since oral consumption could have a laxative effect on some people.


9. How much elemental Magnesium (Mg) does each shot (1.5 oz or 45 ml) of Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride solution contain?

We have specially formulated our Magnesium Chloride solution to contain about 180 mg of elemental Magnesium, which is the most common dosage recommended by doctors.


10. This is my first time drinking Magnesium Chloride Solution. Is it supposed to have an unpleasant taste? I am having a hard time drinking this solution.

Yes, Magnesium Chloride solution has an unpleasant and bitter taste. We recommend adding your Magnesium shot to your juice or shake to improve the taste. You could also dissolve some honey in your shot to make the taste more pleasant.


11. May this Magnesium Chloride be used in tofu making? I understand that it is pharmaceutical grade and consumable, but I am concerned about the taste of the product since it's bitter.

Yes, you could certainly use this product to make tofu. However, I really don't know how the taste would be since I don't know the recipe to make tofu and how much Magnesium Chloride you would add to your recipe.


12. Do I have to use "Distilled Water" to make Magnesium Solution with Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride?

No, you don't have to use distilled water. We just recommend using filtered or distilled water because most tap waters are contaminated and we don't recommend drinking tap water.


13. What type of container do I store the solution in?

We recommend storing your Magnesium solution in a glass container in a dark cool place and away from direct sunlight. Magnesium solution could react with plastic over time and it is not safe to store your solution in a plastic container.


14. How many cups of Magnesium Chloride USP do I mix in a bath tub?

It really depends on if you have any other Magnesium intake such as orally. But if this is your only source of Magnesium intake we recommend 2-6 cups and higher dosage is for people with severe Magnesium deficiency and/or athletes.


15. Is it alright to refrigerate Magnesium solution after making it with filtered water?

Yes, you could absolutely refrigerate the Magnesium solution and we actually recommend that since the solution is bitter and refrigerating it improves the taste.


16. If I mix Magnesium Chloride with water and then with coconut oil to make a lotion would I have to add a preservative?

It really depends on how much you are making and for how long. You don't need any preservative if you would use the lotion within a month or so and if you keep your cream refrigerated.

I would also recommend adding Vitamin C and/or Vitamin A as preservatives if you are planning on making a cream that would last you for several months.


17. How pure is Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride USP?

Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride USP is 99.9% pure and it is one of the purest Magnesium Chloride available in the market. Our Magnesium Chloride is pharmaceutical grade and even though being pharmaceutical grade doesn't guarantee t any product to be the purest but it certainly has higher standards compared to food or tech grade. Below our Magnesium Chloride Certificate of Analysis that shows all the impurities.

Magnesium Chloride USP Certificate of Analysis

18. Can I mix Magnesium Chloride and coconut oil to apply it on my skin?

Yes, could certainly mix these two. However, we recommend mixing Magnesium Chloride with water first and then add coconut oil. If you mix coconut oil first and then try to dissolve Magnesium Chlorid, it might not get dissolved as easy.


19. Does Greenway Biotech Magnesium Chloride USP come with instruction on how to use it orally?

Yes, it does come with instructions on the label on how to make the solution for oral consumption.

We recommend mixing 33 grams per 1 liter of water and take one shot (1.5 oz or 45 ml) of that a day if you're 51-70 years old, half a shot 10-50 years old and twice a day if you are over 71 years old.


20. In the instructions says mix 33 grams of Magnesium Chloride in 1 liter of water. How many teaspoons of Magnesium Chloride are 33 grams?

Each teaspoon of Magnesium Chloride weighs slightly over 6 grams so 33 grams is about 5 full teaspoons.


21. What is the shelf life of a Magnesium Chloride bag?

The shelf life of Magnesium Chloride is about 5 years; however, you need to keep it in a closed container otherwise, it would absorb the moisture from the air and either melts or becomes really hard.


22. If I want to make a Magnesium oil spray to use topically, what ratio of water to Magnesium Chloride should I use?

We recommend using 1:1 ratio. For example, if you are using 1 cup of water then use 1 cup of Magnesium Chloride as well. You could also use 1:1/2 ratio but this ratio is very mild.

If you use 1:1 ratio then each spray should contain about 25 mg of elemental Magnesium.


23. Does this product come with instruction on how to take it orally?

Yes, the instruction on how to make a Magnesium Solution to take orally are on the label.


24. Does this Magnesium Chloride make your bowels move like magnesium sulfate does?

No, Magnesium Chloride is not a laxative like Magnesium Sulfate, however, it does help a little.


25. Is Magnesium Chloride good for back pain?

It depends on what causes the back pain. If it's caused by muscle soreness or spasm then yes Magnesium would help with that. But if it's caused by something else such as misaligned spinal core then obviously not. So I would talk to a doctor first to make sure what causes the back pain and if it's muscle related then Magnesium Chloride would be a good supplement.


26. Can I take Magnesium baths with Magnesium Chloride USP?

Yes, you could absolutely use our Magnesium Chloride USP as bath salts for its therapeutic and relaxing benefits!


27. Does this Magnesium Chloride contain any anti-caking agent?

No, our Magnesium Chloride is pure and it does NOT contain any anti-caking agent.


28. Since Magnesium Chloride absorbs water so easily, can it be put into capsules?

Yes, you could certainly put Magnesium Chloride into capsules if that makes it easier to consume. However, you need to be very careful with the dosage and make sure to measure it correctly so you won't consume too much.


29. How many servings per pound?

There are over 300 servings per 1 pound of Magnesium Chloride USP.


30. What does the packaging look like?

Greenway Biotech's Magnesium Chloride is packaged in a heavy duty resealable clear bag. However, we recently decided to change our label artwork every month in honor of health related diseases. Below are some of our recent months' labels:

August: The ivory/pink label is in honor of spinal muscular atrophy awareness month

September: The navy blue label is in honor of chronic pain and drug-free pain management awareness month. 

October: The orange label is in honor of psoriatic arthritis awareness month.

November: The purple label is in honor of Epilepsy awareness month.

December: The red label is in honor of HIV/AIDS awareness month.

January: The paisley label is in honor of Thyroid awareness month.


March: The orange label is in honor of Multiple Sclerosis awareness month.

April: The periwinkle label is in honor of Irritable Bowel Syndrom Awareness Month.

May: The purple label is in honor of Fibromyalgia awareness month.


31. Can I use Magnesium Chloride USP to make homemade tofu?

Yes, our Magnesium Chloride USP is pharmaceutical grade and can be added to your food or drinks.

32. For your Magnesium Oil recipe, you mention to mix 1 cup of Magnesium Chloride with 1 cup of water. Also, you mention each spray contains 25 mg of elemental Magnesium. I was wondering what bottle size you are reffering to?

So we did our testing based on an 8 oz bottle. However, you should get the same amount as long as you use a regular mist sprayer and the bottle size shouldn't change the amount as long as the sprayer is the same.

33. How many teaspoons are in one shot of Magnesium Chloride USP? 

One shot of Magnesium Chloride USP is equivalent to 1/4 tsp.

34. Can I take Magnesium Chloride USP and MSM Powder at the same time? 

If you are taking Magnesium Chloride USP and MSM Powder, we recommend taking them at least one hour apart from eachother. 

For example, if you take USP at 7 AM, you should take MSM at 8 AM. 

35. How do I know I've consumed too much magnesium?

If the body has absorbed too much magnesium, a person may notice any of the following symptoms, which can range from mild to very severe:
  • Lethargy
  • Facial Flushing
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Urine Retention
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Cardiac Arrest