Dolomite FAQ

1. Is Dolomite a good choice for turning hydrangeas pink? Is so, at what rate does one apply it to the soil for it to be effective?

Yes, Dolomite is a great mineral to adjust the pH level of the soil. For hydrangeas to produce pink flowers the pH level should be over 6.0.

You need to know your current pH level to be able to adjust it so it's over 6.0. We have a table on Dolomite detail page that shows how much Dolomite to use to get your desired pH level.


2. How much does 1 cup of Dolomite weigh?

1 cup of Greenway Biotech Dolomite weighs about 0.8 Pounds.


3. Can you apply Dolomite to the bird of paradise plants?

Yes, you can apply Dolomite to your plants as both source of Calcium and Magnesium and also to adjust the pH levels. You need to make sure that your pH level is not too high and your soil is not too alkaline because Dolomite will naturally increase the pH levels in the soil.


4. What is the pH level for Dolomite? Is it the same as Hydrated Lime?

The pH level for our Dolomite is between 8-9.


5. Is your dolomite hydrolyzed or chemically treated in any way?

No, our Dolomite is not hydrolyzed or chemically treated.

6. Will this help neutralize soil from dog urine?

Yes, it will because Dolomite helps lower pH levels in soil. Follow the steps below to treat urine spots on lawn with Dolomite: 

  • Water affected area.
  • Rake off dead grass. 
  • Sprinkle a handful of Dolomite onto each urine spot.
  • Water the affected area.