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Copper Sulfate FAQ

1. Can I pour Copper Sulfate into skimmer to get rid of algae in the pool or do I have to put it in the pool directly?

You could pour Copper Sulfate into the skimmer or put it in the pool directly and both ways should work just fine to help clean the pool and get rid of algae.


2. What percent copper is this formulation? I've seen variation from 25% to 99% in the products.

Greenway Biotech, Inc. Copper Sulfate contains 25.1% Copper (Cu). There is no such Copper Sulfate that contains 99% Copper and 99% refers to the purity of the product and not active ingredient percentage.


3. Is Greenway Biotech, Inc. Copper Sulfate certified organic and/or OMRI listed?

No, our Copper Sulfate is not certified to be used in organic gardening.


4. How much Copper Sulfate should I use in freshwater aquaculture, ponds, and lagoons to prevent or reduce algae problem?

It really depends on the alkalinity of the water. Below is the formula to calculate exactly how much Copper Sulfate to use:

Total Alkalinity (PPM) / 100 = Copper Sulfate Needed (PPM)

Example: If alkalinity of a pond is 200 PPM then:

200 / 100 = 2 PPM Copper Sulfate needed = 2 milligrams in 1 liter.

If the pond is 100,000 liters then you need a total of 200 grams of Copper Sulfate


5. How much does 1 cup of Copper Sulfate crystal weigh?

1 cup of Copper Sulfate weighs about 0.7 pounds.