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Cal Mag Plus FAQ

1. 2.5-pound package of concentrated Cal Mag Plus makes 1 gallon of Cal Mag Plus. So do I spray this on plants or is 1 gallon also a concentrate?

When you mix the entire package of 2.5 pounds Cal Mag Plus in 1 gallon of water, the solution is also a concentrated form of liquid Cal Mag Plus and we recommend mixing that with water again and then spraying the plants.

For example, for most plants, we recommend mixing 5-10 mL of liquid concentrated Cal Mag Plus with 1 gallon of water and then spraying the leaves.


2. If I didn't want to mix the entire package of Cal Mag Plus to make liquid concentrate; can I make smaller size liquid concentrate such as 1 quart?

No, you cannot. Greenway Biotech Cal Mag Plus was specially formulated so you don't have to measure anything and you could just mix the entire package with one gallon of water and have your concentrated liquid Cal Mag Plus ready to use.

Also, this product is not a homogenous concentrate so if you don't mix the entire package the ratio of the ingredients won't be accurate.

Note: Each size package must be mixed in the specified amount of water and can't be divided into smaller sizes.

2.5-pound package makes 1 gallon of Cal Mag Plus

5-pound package makes 2 gallons of Cal Mag Plus

10-pound package makes 4 gallons of Cal Mag Plus

25-pound package makes 10 gallons of Cal Mag Plus


3. Does this product expire?

Cal-Mag does not expire as long as it's stored in a cool, dark and dry place.


4. How many plants will the Cal-Mag solution cover?

After mixing your bag of Cal-Mag in water, the 1 gallon solution can be used on approximately 10-15 adult plants. 


5. How much of the Cal-Mag solution can I use per plant?

From the gallon of Cal-Mag solution, you can use about 1 cup of that solution per plant.