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Introducing our best Urea 46-0-0 fertilizer, the ultimate solution for maximizing crop yield and promoting lush, healthy plant growth. Formulated with pure, high-quality urea, this fertilizer is designed to deliver a potent dose of nitrogen, essential for enhancing plant vigor and vitality.

With a guaranteed analysis of 46% nitrogen content, our fertilizer provides plants with the crucial nutrient they need for robust development at every growth stage. Whether you're cultivating crops, nurturing a vibrant garden, or maintaining a flourishing lawn, our Urea 46-0-0 fertilizer offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

One of the key benefits of urea-based fertilizers is their versatility and fast-acting nature. Upon application, urea quickly dissolves in the soil, releasing nitrogen that plants readily absorb, resulting in rapid green-up and sustained growth. This efficiency ensures that your plants receive an immediate boost, promoting strong root development, vigorous foliage, and bountiful blooms or fruits.

Our Urea 46-0-0 fertilizer is suitable for a wide range of agricultural and horticultural applications. Whether you're fertilizing cereal crops, vegetables, fruits, or ornamental plants, you can trust our product to deliver consistent results and optimize yield potential.

In addition to its efficacy, our fertilizer is also renowned for its ease of use and compatibility with various application methods, including broadcasting, side dressing, and fertigation. Its uniform granular form ensures even distribution and efficient nutrient uptake, simplifying the fertilization process and saving you time and effort.

Furthermore, our Urea 46-0-0 fertilizer is manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring purity, consistency, and reliability with every batch. Rigorous quality control measures guarantee that you receive a product that meets or exceeds your expectations, providing peace of mind and confidence in its performance.

Unlock the full potential of your crops and plants with our premium Urea 46-0-0 fertilizer. Experience unparalleled quality, efficiency, and results that will transform your agricultural endeavors and nurture thriving, bountiful vegetation like never before. Trust in our fertilizer to fuel growth and cultivate success in your fields, gardens, and landscapes.

Application Rate:

  • Lawns:

    • For established lawns, a common recommendation is to apply 2 pounds of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, depending on the grass species and soil conditions.
    • The application can be split into multiple doses throughout the growing season to promote steady growth and minimize nutrient runoff.
  • Crops:
    • Crop nutrient requirements vary widely depending on the specific crop, growth stage, soil fertility, and yield goals.
    • Recommended application rates for urea fertilizer typically range from 50 to 150 pounds of nitrogen per acre (1.15 pounds to 3.5 pounds per 1000 sq.ft.), with adjustments made based on soil test results and crop nitrogen uptake estimates.
  • Vegetables:
    • Vegetable crops have diverse nutrient needs, with some being more nitrogen-demanding than others.
    • As a general guideline, vegetable crops may require nitrogen applications ranging from 50 to 200 pounds per acre (1.15 pounds to 4.5 pounds per 1000 sq.ft.), depending on factors such as crop type, soil fertility, and expected yield.
  • Fruit Trees and Orchards:
    • Fruit trees require nitrogen for healthy growth, fruit development, and overall productivity.
    • Application rates for urea fertilizer in orchards can vary depending on tree age, tree density, soil fertility, and fruiting patterns. Rates typically range from 1 to 3 pounds of actual nitrogen per tree per year.


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