Grow Green 4-2-6

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Weight: 1.7 Pounds (Makes 1 Gallon)

Plants are no different from other organisms. They too need to get some nutrients for survival.

They too follow a particular pattern during their growth and development, and each stage has different nutritional needs which change in every growth cycle.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your crops' nutritional needs are met through all stages for good outcomes.

Producing healthy flourishing crops requires the best nourishment with the right ingredients.

Hydroponic plants are one of the essential plants needed today for experiments and their medicinal purposes. Use of fertilizers will do best.

The type of fertilizer you choose for your hydroponic plants cultivation can make a world of difference whether or not they will barely make it.

Grow Green 4-2-6 is a hydroponics grow fertilizer for all its growth stages.

Elements Contained in Grow Green 4-2-6 Hydroponics Fertilizer

Healthy plants require three necessary elements for vibrant flowers and firm roots for high yields.

They include phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen. Phosphorous aid in bud growing. Nitrogen is vital for enhancing the generation of leaves.

These elements are important as the plants grow.

What You Need to Know

Grow Green 4-2-6 fertilizer is the best hydroponic fertilizer for both beginners and advanced hydroponic growers.

It comes with a formula that allows you to control and make adjustments to some elements level such as calcium and nitrogen.

It is the best hydroponic- based nutrient system with many unique ingredients for consistent performance. It comes with a feeding schedule that will help you do your feeding at right times.

It combines different products that can be easily used to fulfill your hydroponics plants exact nutrient needs based on the environment and its growth stage.

With this, your plants are guaranteed of balanced macro and micro-nutrients, primary and secondary nutrients too.

Grow Green 4-2-6 growth fertilizer comes in its concentrated form instead of liquid. It is usually very easy to use.

You only require to dissolve it in water making it easy for application on your plants.

Benefits of Grow Green 4-2-6 Hydroponics Fertilizer
  • Used in hydroponics, it have the ability to higher yields than other soil-produced plants.
  • It enhances desired quality since your crops are less prone to crop diseases.
  • They are cheaper since it come in different packs of sizes.
  • It helps eliminate the massive use of pesticides.
  • Grow Green 4-2-6 fertilizer is environmental friendly thus cannot affect the soil, air or water negatively since it is heavy metal free.

This grow fertilizer is the best for beginners and advanced growers. For 20 years, this method has been improving periodically to meet the upcoming trends in hydroponics growing.

What to Avoid
  • Do not mix it with another menagerie of nutrient products from different companies for they will not work together.
  • Use it as it is because it comes with complete set of elements and nutrients for all of the growth stages of your plants.
  • Use the required set of NPK ratio formula to achieve your desired results. Stick to the application rate included in its implementation manual.

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This product is known for breed best results for healthy hydroponics plants.