Rose and Flower Fertilizer 4-7-5

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Size: 1 Pound

Introducing our Premium Organic Rose and Flower Fertilizer – the ultimate nourishment for your prized blooms! Elevate your gardening experience with this meticulously crafted blend, designed to enhance the health, vibrancy, and longevity of your roses and other flowering plants.

Key Ingredients:

  • Fish Bone Meal: Packed with essential nutrients, fish bone meal provides a balanced source of nitrogen and phosphorus, promoting robust growth and vibrant blooms.
  • Bone Meal: Enhance root development and strengthen stems with bone meal, which delivers a steady supply of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Feather Meal: Boost nitrogen levels organically for lush foliage and abundant flower production.
  • Kelp Meal: Rich in micronutrients and natural growth hormones, kelp meal stimulates overall plant health and resilience.
  • Alfalfa Meal: Improve soil structure, enrich soil biology, and foster nutrient uptake with alfalfa meal, a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.
  • Azomite (Volcanic Ash): Azomite, sourced from volcanic ash, adds valuable trace minerals that ensure your roses receive a comprehensive nutrient profile.

Why Our Rose and Flower Fertilizer?

  1. Ideal Rose and Flower Fertilizer Ratio (4-7-5): Our formula is meticulously crafted to provide the perfect balance of nutrients, with a 4-7-5 ratio, ensuring your roses receive the right nourishment at every stage of growth.

  2. Heirloom, Miniature, and Potted Rose Fertilizer: Whether you have heirloom roses or miniature roses, this fertilizer is designed to cater to the specific needs of these delicate and cherished varieties.

  3. Perfect for Potted Roses: If you're growing roses in pots or containers, our fertilizer is the perfect choice to keep your container roses flourishing with compact, beautiful blooms.

  4. Versatile Flower Fertilizer: This product isn't just for roses! It's an excellent choice for all your flowering plants, ensuring a vibrant display of colors throughout your garden.

  5. Optimal pH for Roses: Our formula's slight acidity is perfect for roses, as they thrive in slightly acidic soil. This naturally acidic environment promotes nutrient uptake, resulting in healthier and more vibrant rose bushes.


Application Rate: Apply 4 tablespoons (1/4 cups) of our Organic Rose and Flower Fertilizer per square foot of planting area. For potted roses, use 4 tablespoons (1/4 cups) per gallon of potting soil. Water thoroughly after application to allow the nutrients to penetrate the root zone effectively.

NOTE: 1 Pound of our Rose and Flower Fertilizer contains 2 cups.

When to Fertilize Roses: For best results, apply our Organic Rose and Flower Fertilizer in the early spring when new growth appears and again in late spring or early summer. Then, provide a final feeding in late summer or early fall to help prepare your roses for winter.

How Often to Fertilize Roses: Apply every 4-6 weeks during the growing season to ensure a continuous supply of essential nutrients.

Give your roses and flowers the premium treatment they deserve with our Organic Rose and Flower Fertilizer. Elevate your gardening experience, enhance bloom quality, and nurture the heart of your garden with this carefully crafted, nutrient-rich formula. Watch your roses and flowers thrive like never before!