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Hydroponics plants fertilizers come in different shapes and sizes, and they all yield differently on your plant.

The type of fertilizer you will choose to use on your hydroponics system will determine just how much you are going to get from it.

Hence, for whatever you use it is good to understand its value first. You need to know what your plant requires in its life cycle.

The nutrients it will need during its first stages is different from what it will need later.

Hydroponics farming has become paramount in the medical industry, hence, requires a lot of care to stay healthy and for high yields.

Fertilizer is one of the biggest components needed for plants growth, and micro-green 2-0-3 is ranked among the best hydroponic plants boosters.

Elements Contained in Micro-Green 2-0-3

This type of fertilizer contains all the elements required by hydroponic plants. It has seven elements which are;

Boron- This component is essential for maintaining the balance of carbohydrates and sugar. It is also vital for pollination and seed production. Moreover, it is the component necessary for cell division, protein formation, and nitrogen metabolism.

Chelated iron- It is responsible for nitrogen fixation, chlorophyll and enzyme development and metabolism in plants

Chelated Zinc- Zinc is crucial for proteins synthesis in hydroponic plants. It enhances the production of chlorophyll and conversion of starch to sugars. It is beneficial in helping plants to withstand cold temperatures. Chelated Zinc is also vital for growth regulation and stem elongation.

Calcium- It is helpful in plants as it is responsible for activation of cellular repair and defense mechanism in plants. Calcium also helps plants in the production of callose. It also enhances the smooth functioning of antioxidants which protects plants cell from damage.

Chelated Manganese- It is responsible for various processes in plants which include photosynthesis and improving the plant's health

Chelated Copper- It activates some plants enzymes which play a significant role in lignin synthesis. It is also needed for photosynthesis, respiration, and metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. It also helps in flower production.

Sodium Molybdate- It provides plants with molybdenum

Important Things to Note

This fertilizer is best for hydroponic plants both at the early stage and late stage.

It is among the best fertilizers which provides plants with all the hydroponics nutrients required for growth.

You can use it in different measurements depending on what you want to achieve you can also control the level of nutrients to use.

Moreover, it comes with a manual with guidance on how and when to use it.

Main benefits

  • The fertilizer comes in a concentrated form instead of liquid. This makes it easier to use since all you need to do dissolve your desired measurement in water, and it is ready for use.
  • It helps save money. This is because, in its form, it is easier to be shipped in bulk which saves on shipping cost which is beneficial to customers too.
  • It does not contain any unnecessary metal and instead has all the essential nutrients for hydroponic plants.
  • This micro fertilizer is trustworthy as it has been in the market for over 20 years as we try to make it better and satisfy your needs.

Things to avoid

  • You should never use Micro Green 2-0-3 together with a product from another company
  • Never use more than you should, trying to reach for higher results. Only use it as indicated in the manual

Make an order of this micro fertilizer, and you will not regret the results. We will deliver your order at a fair cost and at the right time.


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Micro Green 2-0-3